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PSFG: The Road Ahead

No description

Alexandra Toma

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of PSFG: The Road Ahead

PSFG: The Road Ahead
Why all the buzz?
Three Themes
1. Build PSFG's capacity.

2. Strengthen PSFG's public voice and brand.

3. Expand PSFG's base and increase our membership.
Staffing Up!
PSFG "By the Numbers"
The Early Years
55 members
51% dues-paying
1 full-time staff
$246,209 (FY13 actual)
1 Working Group
Expert tele-briefings
Ad hoc reports
Ad hoc int'l meetings
Annual conference
Fed. Policy Briefing
PSFG 2.0: Your Role
1. Investment Success Stories
What investment in peace/security has been most successful?
Why should a funder not currently funding in peace/security join our community?
What’s the most successful grantee you’ve had or campaign you’ve run, and why?

2. PSFG Benefits
What have you gotten out of PSFG?
How has collaboration strengthened your grantmaking or made it more effective?
Why should a funder join PSFG?

To enhance the effectiveness of peace and security philanthropy.
• To facilitate exchange of information and ideas in peace and security philanthropy.
• To foster collaboration between peace and security funders.
• To increase the number of funders engaged in peace and security philanthropy.
The Near Future
65 members
100% dues-paying
2.5 full-time staff
$373,044 (FY14 proposed)
4 Working Groups
Monthly newsletter
Monthly expert tele-briefings
Tailored reports/research, white papers
Annual learning trip
Annual conference
Fed. Policy Briefing
"Concierge" services for members
Partnerships with policymakers, "unlikely allies," and experts
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