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Maria Poulos Prezume

No description

Maria Poulos

on 19 August 2016

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Transcript of Maria Poulos Prezume

Hello there!

My name is Maria Poulos.

And I'm your next communication leader.
While graduating from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications is important...what I did
graduating is just as crucial.
News Reporter for Clemson News Now
Primary Reporter for the Internet show, bringing awareness such as safety, organizations, and football right to campus.
Digital Media Producer for WSPA News 7
I became the voice for the anchors, creating scripts for each news show, working all back end kinks out, and informing viewers of breaking news.
Digital Media Developer —
Pearce Center for Professional Communication
For a year, I worked strategically with colleagues on an interactive magazine for a client. I was titled the initial designer and created the first draft of this magazine as I learned Adobe Creative Suite all on my own.
Through hard work, I was chosen to speak at an Adobe Professional Conference, and MC at the Adobe Digital Studio Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.
Inbound Marketing Producer — Waypost Marketing
From 800 visits per month to seeing over 1,100 visits per month
3 contact form submissions to 10
Publishing 71 social messages, receiving only 20 visitors to the website from social media, to publishing 159 social messages, receiving 146 social clicks, and gaining 131 visitors to the website from social media.

Job well done?
I also create and publish content from blog posts, landing pages, newsletters, and social media while staying on top of the game with each client I serve through organization and prioritizing skills.
Writing Samples:


Future Goals:
Head of public relations in an international company
Situated in an large city, surrounded by opportunity and diversity
Join my journey:



In just one quarter, I have consistently increased traffic to websites. Let's break my progress down:
How did I do it?
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