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Copy of Copy of philosophy

No description

susan jones

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of philosophy

How do we become moral agents?
Possible Discussion Topics:
Is human agency unique?

What are the conditions of moral responsibility?
Connections to other Disciplines.......
Susan Jones
Students will research ethical issues, such as human cloning, nuclear waste, pesticides, animal testing.....

Are those the only options? Has public outcry to some unethical standards changed processes enough? (9-12)
Science Classroom Connections:
Literature Classroom Connections:
History and Social Studies Classroom Connections:
Students will discuss how our actions can benefit or harm us. If I do this, will it create a positive result? What if I don't do it? (K-5)

Students can review recent trials in the news.
Become judge and jury. Could students plead
his/her case based on morality? Or issues of
time and place. Could it have been avoided?
Was he/she subject to factors out of their
control? (7-12)

Students will research a historical figure and analyze their actions and choices. (Would Hitler's choices have been different if he lived in a different time period or country? Were they inevitable? (9-12)

The End.
Human Agency
Meghan Griffith
Seminar Leader: Davidson College

Seminar Coordinator: Steele Creek Elementary
What is free will? Do we have free will?
History and Social Studies
Pick a fictional character. Create scenarios based on the characters' moral values. Goldilocks seemed to be a sweet girl. Do you think she made the best choices? What would you have done in a similar situation? (K-2)

Discuss Shakespeare's quote: "To be or not to be..." Are our actions caused by events? Can we choose to change them? (7-12)
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