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Enhancing Music Class With Technology and Online Instruction

No description

Marianne White

on 4 February 2017

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Transcript of Enhancing Music Class With Technology and Online Instruction

Enhancing Music Class with Technology and Online Instruction
Marianne C. White - www.thatflippingbanddirector.com
With meaningful technology
My Technologically Enhanced Music Class...
Looks like a normal band hall
Create a Website
Free Website Creators
Secret Words

What is the big deal? I don't have time to add one more thing!
Technology that is actually...
* helpful to you and students
* improving what you already do
* not just for a "checkmark"
How do I start?
Let's go a little deeper...
Has normal middle school students
Not fancy - likely, very similar to your class!
So what's different?
Independent Learners
- trained to use a resource to learn and review
- go to the resource first for answers
- will ask for expanded and new resources to be added
- students are in charge of their own education (percussionist)
Bonus Side Effect:
students will look for answers in their own resources before asking me a question
Personal Difference
Detailed Teaching
Striving for "perfection" in content creation that I know my students will access
- students are very detailed (student teacher)
Creating Resources
Weebly (weebly.com)
Wix (wix.com)
Google Sites (sites.google.com)
Other Host Options
Music First LMS
Google Classroom
Add to Your Resource
Link to Outside Sources
EE Interactive
YouTube videos
Make your website the "home base" for your students learning!
Create Your Own Resource Content Online
**I still keep my class website running
Google Suite (Chrome!!)
Using Apps and Extensions to Create Content
QR Code Generator
Explain Everything
Mobile Apps for Creation
Cultivating Student Engagement
Other Notable Resources...
that get students practicing!
TE Tuner
Music Memos
Students watch and interact with online lessons
In class we practice what they learned at home online
More class time is spent checking in with students than presenting new topics
Google Forms
Sticker Charts
Ninja Challenges
Family Involvement
New Student Comfort
GREAT for your students!!
Need more convincing?
Create Habits!
Have Patience!
Make it Familiar (and fun!)
Be Persistent!
Have an option for all students
Start small and grow from there
Cut yourself some slack and enjoy the process!
Student and Class Resources
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