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Gr. 9 Students: OSSLT April 10, 2018

No description

Jennifer Rose

on 5 April 2018

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Transcript of Gr. 9 Students: OSSLT April 10, 2018

Before the Test Review...

All major areas of the test
Series of Paragraphs structure
News Report structure
Short Answer
Reading Selection w/ Multiple Choice

: www.eqao.com,Google Forms--
YouTube Flip videos, OSSLT activities, OSSLT Strategy Sheet (all found on school website under English, Literacy)
Good Luck!
Prior to Test Day

On Test Day
Eat a nutritious breakfast.
Arrive at school
by 8:00 am.
Be in proper uniform.
Bring a water bottle with you.
No cell phones. PERIOD.
Only students who have a signed permission note by parents will be allowed to leave the school.
You will have two (2) 75-minute periods to complete two (2) booklets with break times given upon request
NEW! You will be able to receive EXTRA TIME to finish if you need it! :)
Special Tips!
You must score
out of 400 to pass, which is
Complete the News Report or Series of Paragraphs (the long writing tasks)
since they are worth 100 marks each.
Be sure to read the instructions and/ or questions more than once to be clear.
Do not leave any blanks!
Fill in all the lines provided--do not go over the lines given.
Reading selections are important!
Review your work!!!!!!
Administration of the Test

After announcements, you will have a provided snack.
Ensure that you write your FIRST AND LAST NAME PLUS TEACHER NAME on all of your test booklets (4).
Follow the instructions your teacher gives you.
All students will receive extra time.
Students with an IEP will have your accommodations met, including extra time, and will write in the
All other grade 9s will write in the
April 10, 2018

Thank you!
Study, study, study!
Bring writing utensils you usually use for exams, especially a highlighter
Bring something to read
Get lots of needed sleep!
Results on the grade 9 test will be given to you in May.

Think positive and try your best!
Schedule of the Day:
8:12am-12:15pm: OSSLT
12:15pm-1:00pm: Lunch
1:00pm-2:15pm: Period 4
2:15pm: Dismissal
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