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We have a budget, now how are we raising money?!?

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Jessica DiVito

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of We have a budget, now how are we raising money?!?

We have a budget....but how are we raising money?!?
- Corporate & Individual Giving Manager
- Director of Development, Western PA
- Corporate & Individual Giving Manager

The Importance of your budget
Your budget is your road map for the year to outline
how much you need in order to sustain your program
. If there is no plan of
you acquire the necessary funds to keep your program moving in the right direction, things will quickly begin to fall apart....

Money does not grow on trees...
So, where is it coming from?
What does your program need money for?
Why is your program important to you?

....and is that sustainable?
Create a mix of revenue streams
Don't put all of your eggs in one basket.....
Are you raising money from

Individual Giving
SO what is
Individual Giving
and what is the significance of
the individual donor?

How to introduce these donors
to your program through
events, volunteers, referrals,
and program users.
It's all about
1. Stewardship

2. Cultivation

3. Solicitations
(do not always come from a Development Professional....)
Let's talk about it....
The Numbers for 2015
Charitable Giving Source
In 2015, the
largest source of charitable giving came from individuals at $268.28 billion, or 71% of total giving
; followed by:
foundations ($57.19 billion/16%)
bequests ($28.72 billion/9%), and
corporations ($18.46 billion/5%).*

*Source: Giving USA 2015

Asking is NOT begging!
Think of yourselves as
Giving to a cause you care about is a joyful expression of your
beliefs and values.

Donors are happy to do it.
people who want to help with the opportunity to make the world a better place.
so, back to YOUR stories...
The key is to inspire action....
The key issue here is to show them how more money will benefit THEM, and not YOU
It isn’t about our goals, our targets and what the board wants us to raise. It isn’t about how much you need in the door by fiscal year end. It’s about the programs that money will deliver.
“What does it mean to ‘
steward’ a donor
?” Simply put, stewarding a donor is what a
non-profit does (or should be doing) from the time of the first gift, and lasting until that donor no longer has a relationship with the organization.

It is a process by which the organization develops an ever-stronger relationship with the donor, and involves constant communication to deepen the relationship.
Cultivation is the process by which you improve and grow the relationship with a donor. This could look like donor visits to a competition or practice, birthday cards, and little updates about Special Olympics.
This does not include asking for money.
Solicitation = The Ask!
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