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Exchange Students

No description

melissa sequeiros

on 6 March 2018

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Transcript of Exchange Students

Exchange Students
Unit 1
What will you watch in the video?
Would you like to be an exchange student? why?
Where would you like to go as an exchange student? why?
How long would you like to be there?
What benefits can you get if you become an exchange student?
Make a list of benefits
(using complete sentences)


We can learn a new language.
As part of an exchange program,
you are living in a foreign country for 6 months. So far, it’s been really good, and so much exciting that you define it as the best experience of your entire life (at least till now!). You want to tell people about your new life in that foreign country, and you cannot resist to use modern social media channels to share your fabulous experience abroad. You will make a vlog and then post a paragraph on your Facebook page to effectively reach out your friends and virtual followers.

What products
do you think we
will have to do?
The first entry on your
vlog, greeting,
introducing yourself
to the audience,
talking about your
personality and
describing your routine
as an exchange student.

Writing Product
A paragraph to post on
your Facebook page,
greetings and reasons
for your post, telling
people about yourself,
describing your new
city and saying what
you are doing there.
What important elements
can we include in
the vlog and
the Facebook post?

Who you are
How your personality is
How your new routine is

Facebook post
Who you are
How your new city is
What you are doing there

What activities
can help you to get ready to create your vblog and a facebook post?
Read about people living in other countries.
Read descriptions and profiles.
Listen to people talking about cities.
Listen to interviews.
Learn adjectives to describe personality.
Give personal information.
Describe interests.
Talk about facts and actions in progress.
Practice talking about ourselves.
Practice writing about ourselves.

Do not forget to
bring your English Dictionary,binder,block and
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