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Pais England &Northern Ireland Foundational Training 2018

No description

Kelli Brunton

on 1 August 2018

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Transcript of Pais England &Northern Ireland Foundational Training 2018

Dress Code!
Stay healthy!
In the past, the dreaded FT Bug has taken the form of a mild cold resulting in sore throats, stuffy noses and sleepy Pais apprentices - ain't nobody got time for that! Doing the following will keep you healthy - which will help to keep those around you healthy too!
26 Aug - 7 Sep, 2018
Please have the following with you every day!
"Do not hold back..."
"Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes." Isa 54:2

This scripture is a key part of the vision of the Pais Movement. Every year we strive to grow and reach into new places as well as strengthening the ministry in our existing teams. You are a key part to the growth of Pais in England and Northern Ireland this year!

You will probably find that this year will also be about your own 'stretching and strengthening'! You will be given more opportunities and you will face more challenges this year then you anticipate - each one being used by God to draw you closer to Himself and to bring you closer to the person He always meant for you to be!

Welcome to the Pais England & Northern Ireland Family!
Getting a good nights sleep on a church floor...
For the 2 weeks that you will be in Burnley, you will be sleeping at a church within walking distance of Life Church and Burnley Town Centre. The church does not have showers, but we have arranged for you to take showers in a nearby leisure centre.

Please make sure you pack the following:
Warm clothes to sleep in - the buildings are old and often chilly at night!
Enough clean clothing for 2 weeks (you may be able to visit a laundromat on your Saturday off)
Sleeping mat or air bed
Sleeping bag and/or blankets
Bag for carrying shower items to and from showers

If you are not able to bring sleeping mat or sleeping bag for any reason, please speak to your Team Leader ASAP so he/she can arrange for you to borrow one.

The accommodation will be mixed gender but with separate sleeping areas for Men and Women.
This year you will represent Pais England or Pais Northern Ireland in meetings with teachers, head masters and ministers. We would expect that you would present yourself professionally and do your best to communicate that you respect the person you are meeting with and their time.

Please adhere to the guidelines in the pictures below for the following events...
- Sundays at Life Church (26 Aug if you have arrived by then and 2 Sep)
- As much as possible throughout the rest of FT without needing to go out and buy a new wardrobe!

The dress code for Commissioning Service is 'smart'.
Bible and a Journal, tablet or laptop for taking notes
2018-2019 Diary and To-do Lists (Check with your TL to find out what they use)
Spending money for evening meals, snacks or socials
Folder to hold all handouts and resources given throughout FT (optional)

We exist to spark a global movement
where the Saint' primary concern
is the Kingdom of God.
Check the App store on your phone for these free apps!
To-do List
It is likely that your TL has already spoken to you about Asana. This app can be used on your laptop, tablet or phone and is a great place to organise to-do lists and deadlines for various group or personal projects. And it's FREE!
Google Calendar
Download the free app on your phone to access and edit your google calendar. Set reminders and share calendars with others.
Everyone gets a day off on Saturday, 1st Sep!
There is loads to do, so get a plan together and make the most of it!
Don't forget your Sunday best for Commissioning Service where you will be prayed over and sent out!
2-3pm Friday, 7 Sep
Breakfast and Lunch will be provided for you each day, but you will need to buy your evening meals, snacks, and meals during socials. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes around Burnley as well as a large super-market.
Pais will be organising 3 evening meals for you at the cost of £15 per person.
We will have a 24-hour fast during FT. It will begin after the evening meal and we will break our fast together with the evening meal the following day. If you have any questions about what fasting is or why we do it, please speak with your Team Leader any time or a Director at FT.
You will want to pack an umbrella, rain coat, and rubber boots or purchase them when you arrive. You will be walking between Life Church and your accommodation every day - it's likely to rain at least once and you won't be comfortable in wet shoes or clothes all day!
Ripped Jeans/Clothing
Tailored Shorts
Button-up Shirt
Trousers/Smart Jeans
(Men and Women)
Dress or Skirt
Drink Water!!
Lots of it...
When the lights go out - go to sleep!
Eat your fruit and veg!
Vitamins! Start your day with something like Berocca or Airborne
We recommend you bring
£120 for meals, snacks, and socials.
There are News Agents, Chippys and Sandwich shops within 5-min walk of Life Church. However, there is not any Wi-Fi available to you at Life Church.

The following shopping and Wi-Fi is within 20-min walk of your accommodation. You will have time on the weekend and some evenings for these:
Launch Night - 6pm, Sunday 26 Aug at Life Church in Burnley
FT will kick off with a great evening of vision, introductions and worship together!
You will be taking in a ton of new information during FT. Doing the following before you arrive will be a massive help for you and us!
Required Reading: Haverim - A method of Bible study that you will be practicing and leading others through this year.

Talmidim - This year you will have the opportunity to disciple young people from the church and schools where you will serve. This book provides tools to help you be effective in this.

Because You're Loved - A series of programs designed to introduce people to Jesus. You will be using these programs in schools and your local communities.

Required Viewing: The New Apprentices Playlist - Link can be found on GB Talk.

GB Talk - A private facebook group for Pais GB Apprentices only! Please check it and respond to posts daily.

Optional: Worship playlist - learn the songs before you arrive! Link can be found on GB Talk.
Map to Life Church
(Click to zoom in)
If you arrive before Sunday, 26 Aug - you will be joining us at Life Church for the 11am service! You will need to buy your own lunch and we will make sure that you aren't on your own
for the afternoon!

English Bibles will be available for purchase from Life Church Resources
if you need one.
We can't wait to meet you!
To re-visit any of the slides: drag your mouse to right side of screen, click on the Home icon and then click on the spot you want to read again.
Life Church, Burnley
Family, friends and pastors from your home church are welcome to attend!
A few options you can get to on the bus:
-Manchester - great city! Food, museums, vibes
-Clitheroe - small market town. Castle, cafes, shops
-Trafford Centre - shopping mall. Great if weather is bad!
-Pendle Hill or other scenic walks around Burnley

Sycamore Farm - restaurant and Wi-Fi
Spar - groceries
Takeaways in Rose Grove
Tesco - fresh food, clothes, toiletries, umbrellas, electronics, etc...
Costa (in Tesco) - Cafe and Wi-Fi
Numerous fast-food and clothing shops
Or you can walk a bit further into Burnley Town Centre...
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