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Master- Summer 2018 Summer Welcome

Presentation for SW students.

Stephanie Praschan

on 10 July 2018

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Transcript of Master- Summer 2018 Summer Welcome

You will get important information via email, including:

Info from your Advisor, Job Fairs, Co-op & Intern opportunities, Speakers, Club Meetings
Scholarship Information
Probation and dismissal notices
Graduation information

If your email memory is full it bounces back, you won’t receive the info
Foreign Language

Engineering does not require students to take a Foreign Language to complete their degree

If you chose to take a Foreign Language you must take 12 hours of the same language for it to count as Humanities credit

Take the Foreign Language Placement Exam if you are interested in pursuing.
Campus Minors

Many Students get a Math Minor
Most Engineering programs finish with only 3 – 6 hours needed to fulfill math minor requirements.
Foreign Languages
Architectural Studies

Engineering Minors
Computer Science

Talk with your advisor about requirements
MyMath Placement

We ask that you take it regardless of previous math credit

The score that you get on the test does not preempt previous math coursework from AP or dual credit

Taking the test will help your engineering advisor place you in the appropriate math courses here at Mizzou
Emails from the College of Engineering

Advising Appointments

E1419 Lafferre Hall
Near the Cafe!

Bring your pawprint, password and Gen Ed Homework!

Career & Professional Development

Fall 2018 Engineering Career Fair
Tuesday, September 18th
Mizzou Arena

Anticipate close to 200 companies to attend.
Hiring for internships and full-time positions
More information, HireMizzouTigers.com
Almost done!
Engineering Majors
Being In Your Engineering Dept. (Upper level courses, faculty relationships, Internships, Research, etc. )
How do I get in?

Students are enrolled through
Arts & Science until the following requirements are complete:
24 MU Credit Hours, 2.0 GPA, C- in Calc 1
FSAE Racing
Steel Bridge Team
Concrete Canoe
Engineers Week
Society of
Women Engineers
Electric Car
Computing Machinery
Tractor Team
Geo-Wall Team
AIAA Aeronautic
Engineering Team
Engineers Without
Hydrogen Car
Student Council
Basic Utility
How we
support you!
Advising Office: course placement, success strategies, time management, and more...
MU Connect: course flags, easy appointment set-up, connect with your success network!
Engineering Tutoring

Engineering Undergraduate Research

Requires 3.0 GPA
Research with a senior faculty member
Opportunity to work on cutting edge research
Great spring board into graduate school by building relationships with faculty
Typically 100-120 students participate each semester
Opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real-world situations in the laboratory
Reported Starting Salaries

Discipline Median
Bio Engineering...................$65,000 Chemical Engineering......$65,000
Civil Engineering.................$55,000 Computer Engineering.....$65,000
Computer Science..............$65,000 Electrical Engineering.......$60,000 Industrial Engineering .....$65,000 Info Tech.................................$55,000
Mechanical Engineering; $55,000

Offers assistance in the following areas:
Interview preparation
Résumé workshops
Job searching
Internships & Co-ops
Career Fairs (2 per year)
Career & Professional Development cont..
*Based on reported median salaries from 2015-2016 collected at time of graduation
What does it mean to be in the College of Engineering?
Four pillars of pursuit:
*Educating Engineering Leaders
*Big Data Analytics
*Biomedical Innovations
*Sustainability in
ed (Food, Energy, Water, Smart Cities)
Direct Admitted to Engineering Dept.
ACT of 32 Math and 32 Composite
Top 10% Percent of high school class
Not Directly Admitted?
Students will take a set of core courses consisting of math, science, and engineering courses. Upon completion of the core courses, students will apply for entrance to their desired degree program.
Typical 1st Year Courses
Your 1st year courses will generally consist of Math, Science, Intro Engineering courses and Gen ed's (Humanities & Social/Behavioral Sciences)

*Your first Homework Assignment is to choose your top 5 gen ed's and bring them tomorrow for advising!
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