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a presentation by EME 2040 Group 9

Juan Salazar

on 21 March 2017

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Transcript of Diigo

Digest Internet Information Tools
What is Diigo?

Diigo is a free social bookmarking, research, and knowledge sharing tool

More Effectively Using Annotation Tools.
> Utilize digital highlighters and sticky notes to help when browsing the web.

> You can access information wherever you go via computer or mobile device.

> It always takes you where you left off.

> It has proven that it helps with better recalling.
Diigo can provide a way to
enrich or extend learning about
a topic. Through formal or
informal activities, students can
research websites about a class
topic and post their findings to
Diigo lists or groups. Students
can also create relevant
annotations for others to see.
Classes could begin a topic of study with an information search to preview the content.
Classes could supplement their textbook with information from the web. Diigo could facilitate student discussions about the bookmarks. Annotations could be used to gauge student thinking.
Classes could use Diigo to review content in a type of fact-checking activity. The internet could be used to research important points of study and see if that information can be confirmed with bookmarks.

A Personal Library in the Cloud.
As you’re browsing the web you can add links, pages, notes, and pictures, as well as sticky notes and screen shots to your library in the cloud that can be accessed anywhere.
Feedback using annotations
and screenshots.
Diigo is great for providing feedback
on work. You can draw specific focus
to a paragraph and then share it. You
can also use sticky notes to comment on a
student’s writing.
Your Information for later use.
Diigo makes for simplified organization. It's easy to organize information, including links, pages and pictures for easier access. If you prefer a more complex organization Diigo has the tools to help connect the dots for better sharing.
Your information whenever, wherever.
* With utilization of the cloud, Diigo makes it easy to share information easily from various platforms at any time.

* There are options to make information public or private in just one click!
Collaboration with Groups
Diigo makes it simple to collaborate with your group mates. An alternative to email, Diigo provides a place where group members can share their knowledge. They can build, subscribe, browse and search this "knowledge repository." Diigo also enables collaboration through on-page annotations. Group mates can work on an article together and at the same time by discussing it right on the page!
Get Started Using Diigo
> Create an account

> Install the optional Diigolet toolbar

>Start bookmarking!
allows you to
visit websites
and mark them up
by using sticky notes

Diigo enables you to:

Highlight text information on web pages
Bookmark and save information for future review
Share the information with friends by creating groups
Add tags to keep everything organized
Visitors can also add tags to your group
Diigo can be accessed on pc's, tablets, and mobile devices
Diigo in the classroom
Knowledge stays up-to-date
Connects information sources
Connectivism in Diigo
Array of different opinions
This is where all of your pages saved appear. You can search by title, tags, annotations and URL. You can filter and share information through annotations, bookmarks, images, notes, PDFs, as well as public or private.

My Library
My Outliners
A new feature for Diigo, Outliners provide an opportunity to organize the plethora of information collected in an outline to help guide you.
My Groups
This is where you can find others that share similar interests. You can create your own groups or join groups based on your interests.
My Network
This is where you go to connect with people on Diigo. You can search Diigo users, search for your friends, and inviting friends to join Diigo.
This is where you go to find out what’s hot on Diigo. There is a list of the most popular websites also known as “Hot Bookmarks” by users. This is the place to explore and discover new websites.
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