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Christopher Mills CV

Best practices on how to use simple flash animations in combination with prezi Path and Frames - to achieve a strong narrative.

Christopher Mills

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Christopher Mills CV

here Hi, I'm Flip the frog and on today's show I will be interviewing Christopher Mills ... an events guy who is looking for his next big career move... My experiences: 1. I have worked across many different types of events and enjoyed them all. But being honest, I love creative, thought provoking events with a difference. I am continuously seaking out new trends and learning new skills.

Working at the Science Museum was such a versatile experience, which I loved. I am a well rounded and enjoy challenges 2. Imagination. I like to buck the trend, explore and develop. I believe anything is possible - Some would say pigs might fly and I would say, yes they might, one day. 3. Method... I am an organised individual who takes calculated risks to achieve the best results. 4. Client Zone. my biggest ambition is to impress and surpass the expectations of the client. I like to plan ahead and forecast. I am also a great believer in recyling old ideas, using texture and design, to make them current and appealing for the brand I am working on. Timeless methods and ideas are really important to me. and click through Hover the Mouse I have a great knowledge of Health and Safety and have learnt how to manage events within demanding environments. I always plan ahead and take risks into consideration. I love to suceed and I can think on my feet. I always strive to be the best... I like to surprise my audience with
unexpected changes, hidden detail and imagination... ... I am always on the look out for new ideas I work great in a team and on my own, and I love diversity in my work. My ambition is to always take a project to new heights.

So please call: 07793864338 I am a guy that is creative, engaging, personable, inspiring ... who has skills, personality, and great experience, with a passion for events and ambition to work for a creative company ... So Chris, tell us a bit about yourself and what you've been up to... I am a born leader who can juggle simultaneous tasks, whilst keeping a cool head. I have worked in agencies as a creative, for large venues as a manager, and in client focused positions as a planner.
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