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Berlin 2013_3

Draft PPT Berlin

Antoine Mallia

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Berlin 2013_3

Thank you for your attention

Lessons learnt

Terms Used

Impressions: The total number of times the ad referenced has been shown on the site.

Clicks: The total number of clicks on the ads tracked by that row in the report.

Click Through Rate: The click through rate (CTR) for an ad is calculated as the number of clicks the ad received divided by the number of impressions (times the ad was shown on the site) in the given time period.

Actions: The number of times people have "Liked" your Page or RSVP'ed positively to your Facebook Event. (This data will only appear for Facebook Ads for Pages, Events, or Applications.)

Actions Rate: The action rate for an ad is calculated as the number of actions the ad received divided by the number of impressions (times the ad was shown on the site) in the given time period.

CPC: The average cost per click in your account's selected currency for the given row.

CPM: The average cost per thousand impressions for the given row.

Social Impressions: The number of times your ad was shown with social context about the viewer's friend(s) who have connected with your Page, Event, or Application.

Spent: The total cost for the activity in the given row.

Unique Impressions: The number of distinct people who viewed the ad(s) tracked by the given row of the report.

Unique Clicks: The number of distinct people who clicked on the ad(s) tracked by the given row of the report.

Unique Clicks Rate: This rate is calculated as the number of unique clicks the ad(s) received divided by the number of unique ad impressions.

Eures - The European Job Mobility Portal

A banner - 'European Convention Investing in a Social Europe' – created to support the audio visual aspect of Social Media.

During the week of the event (5/12 to 7/12): Web media and social media coverage.

December, 2012


Think before you act!
Do you really need a facebook or twitter account?
Do you have sufficient resources to manage the account?
Discuss with the social media network members in your organisation
Seek advice
Outsourcing is not the solution

Lessons learnt

Research about relevant Youth associations and NGOs
Co-marketing and co-branding w/ European Youth Forum @youth_forum.
Promotion: posts, paid advertising (FB)
Ads budget: €1091.47

Questions not answered during the #poverty12 session were answered after the chat.
#poverty12 attracted a lot of interaction/comments
engagement was very positive.
Follow up

General Objectives
Raise awareness of the YOM campaign
Drive traffic to the YoM website
Objectives vs Results - 1

Online quiz
10-16 July 2012


Youth on the Move
@ Francofolies de Spa

Youth on the Move

Its fast!!

Why Twitter?

Leverage communication opportunities in an INTEGRATED manner

Build community
Create a network of pages
Encourage participation
Connect with audiences that we don’t usually reach

Antoine Mallia,
Information and Communication Officer,
European Commission

Building Social Europe's awareness via Social Media

Globe Chaos, Windows, Objectives, Man drawing network: www.shutterstock.com
Commission: Ladder, Lady with thumbs up.
Fact check: www.creotivo.com

Human Search Engine: http://flickr.com/photos/c2k2e/108326319/
Internet & phone: http://flickr.com/photos/daviddmuir/407164501/
Girl cartoon: www. speedbump.com
YouTube Statistics: http://www.viralblog.com/research-cases/youtube-statistics/
You Tube Statistics: http://www.jeffbullas.com/2012/05/23/35-mind-numbing-youtube-facts-figures-and-statistics-infographic/

photo /sources credits

Friends, Fans & Followers

Learn to engage with community, encourage response and debate
Be a good member of the community: promote others.
The creative message should be something that people want to share – emotional, newsworthy, controversial, timely, immediately useful, or even humorous.
Retweet, respond, thank and give credit where due.

Don’t just go for the numbers
Content is key
Generate traffic
Your website is your basecamp - if its good!
Remember that your words stay online

Friends, Fans & Followers

December 2012

Twitter Chat w/Commissioner Andor


Hashtag: #poverty 12 (Second Annual Convention of the Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion).

Promotion through coordinated posting on Twitter and Facebook throughout the entire week
–weekends included - at different times.

Advertise the presence of YOM at Francofolies de Spa festival

Objectives vs Results

Stats show an increase in visits to the EHIC App page on EUROPA
+5,26% in general

+143,8% visits from Belgium

Results of the Action

Encourage users to look for information about the EHIC App.

Objectives vs Results - 2

Statistics show that inbound traffic to the YOM website had an increase (in orange the traffic during the week 10-16 July)

Results – week 0 vs week +1

+ 100 fans on Facebook

Result of the action

News item on the YOM Site
Social media - Coordinated posts on Facebook Youth on the Move,
Social Europe and EU in BE
Promotional image on Flickr
Facebook adverts


Campaign June 24 to July 1
Target: 18-35yr olds in Slovakia, interested in music, entertainment, travelling.
1 language; SK
2 visuals and 1 text chosen for banners:
Process: Facebook ads

Planning a campaign…

connections to the people that matter
business to business.
leverage communication opportunities in an integrated way

Pictures organized into sets and collections
7000+ pictures
600,000+ views
Campaigns: 219 sets

Flickr Today…..

Launched in 2009
‘Rogue’ test…
Reached 11,000 new ‘fans’ by April 2010
Now: Annual Social Media Plan


1.11 billion monthly active users (Mar 2013)
751 million monthly active users - Facebook mobile (2013)
655 million daily active users on average ( Mar 2013)
79% of monthly active users are outside US and Canada

Why Facebook?

Potential Reach

Trends & Key Topics

Questions and selected comments were answered during the event.

The event

Facebook Adverts:
Target: 18-35,
Location: Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany
Keywords: Les Francofolies de Spa, Chanson, Singing, Music, Music Festival, Festival, Performing arts, Luxembourg, Entertainment, Dance, Spa Belgium, Belgium, Travel


Inbound traffic to the YOM website had an increase (in blue the traffic during the week 10-16 July)

Results – Week -1 vs week 0

The start of the contest is marked in yellow in the graph

Inbound traffic to the YOM website registered an increase

Result of the action

The posts generated a lot of interest and comments –
the interaction and 'likes' were overall higher when compared to previous posts on the YOM wall.

Overall the ads were viewed 9.3M times.

Overall Results

The start and end of the contest is marked in yellow in the graph

Statistics show that inbound traffic to the YOM FB page had an increase

Impact on YOM FB Page

40 + favourite pages
Several photo albums
30 videos
Campaign platform
Polls, Photos, Events
Integrated with Europa, Flickr, Twitter.

Social Europe on Facebook today



Questions received :51
Questions answered: 23
Questions not answered during the #youthempl chat were answered after


Online quiz on the YOM website.
4 questions: EHIC, ERASMUS, EURES, BE Rep in BXL
One guess question
Prize: 5 double tickets for the festival


Typical YoM week:

Contest week:

The contest generated a lot of traffic particularly on the tab and on the facebook 'wall' compared to 'regular' traffic.
Slovak websites attracted visitors to the YoM page

Impact on YOM FB Page

Fact Check: a revolution

Name of your presentation

What do we do?

Raise awareness of the YOM campaign
Drive traffic to the YoM website

YOM @Francofolies Quiz Objective

Typical regular week

Slovakian visitors topped the list during the event

Week of the contest - 24/6:

The number of people who talked about the page and their origin:


Picture with the close-up of the girl was most successful.

Results: Facebook ads

Organize a treasure hunt to raise awareness of the YOM campaign and presence at Pohoda 2012 festival.
Increase fans on YoM FB page and YOM awareness

5 postcards placed in 5 different locations around Slovakia.
Contest page on YoM facebook page.
Coordinates posted online on walls of YOM facebook page and EC Rep in Slovakia FB page.
Brief ‘news’ item announcing the contest on YOM website.

YOM Campaign Objective

a way to bridge internet and phone

a human search engine

Planning a campaign
Activities 2011-2013
Lessons learnt

Contest dates: 27/6 – 1/7 2012
Specific tabs on FB pages
Facebook ads – leading to tab.
5 postcards – short text, code and email of Rep – placed in Bratislava, Nitra and Trencin.
5 winners received 2 free tickets for Pohoda 2012

YOM: Pohoda treasure hunt 2012

Focus on 4 platforms:

Facebook (most popular)
You Tube


EURES Network




Digital Storytelling



The number of interactions and the activity increased in the week of the Hunt compared to the norm – see week 24/6

Week of 10/6:

Week of 17/6:

Week of 24/6:

Week of 1/7:

Talking about YoM

On the menu
Join Discussion
Why Flickr?

a window to what people are thinking
Treasure Hunt
Slovakia 2012
Specific Objectives
General Objectives
Specific Objectives
Advertise the presence at Francofolies festival
Encourage users to look for information about the EHIC App, EURES, ERASMUS and the activities of the BE REP in Brussels.
Specific Objectives
The Event
11th Nov to 16 Jan = 2600+ mentions re youth employment, youth guarantee
peaks: 5Jan, 7th Dec, 10th January (Chat, Barroso, Parl)

did you hit the target?
Top Influencers
YOM Volos
#YOM Volos Chat
Provide a digital experience to youth in Greece
enlarge the scope of the campaign
reduce some 'on the ground' activities
reduce cost
You Tube
#YOM Volos
Provide a digital experience
Enlarge the scope of the event (physical + digital)
Reduce cost
Engage youth across Greece
Why You Tube?

Promote AV material via popular channel
Measure user response and react
Make it easy for viral media to share / engage
Anyone for a pancake?
You Tube
...and the Commission?
(ladies only)
Quick access to press media
Quick upload when blogging/seeding
...look at the quality of the conversation...
Results: 32,000,000 impressions and 7,704 clicks
check out VW's opinion in 1990:
1990 to 2013..what's changed?
and in 2003:
Obama vs Romney
Social Media Revolution

Europe needs you
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