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Feliz Navidad

No description

Sarah Larson

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad
Christmas in Honduras
Feliz Navidad?
Feliz Navidad is Spanish for "Merry Christmas".
A Not so Silent Night
Similar to the US, many Hondurans attend church services on Christmas Eve, but at midnight fireworks and firecrackers are set off and guns are shot into the air in celebration of the passing another year. Loud music is played and everyone stays up very late. This is repeated a week later on New Year's Eve. However, new safety laws put in place have put an end to this tradition in many towns.
Christmas trees are popular in Honduras and families have one if they can afford one. Christmas tree lights are very common and are often wrapped around palm trees outside.
Nativity scenes (
) are also very popular and are often larger than those we have in the United States. Whereas the nativity scenes in the US usually consist of one scene (Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, etc...), nativity scenes in Honduras may contain several other scenes, and fresh branches, sand, and sawdust are sometimes used to make the scenes more complete.
Would there be a tree?
Miniature Nativity Scene
A White Christmas?
No, Christmas in Honduras is not white. In fact, it is never snowed in Honduras. Up in the mountains temperatures have fallen below freezing, but conditions were't right for snow.
La Comida de Navidad
Some Hondurans eat turkey, ham, and other foods that we might enjoy for Christmas dinner, but many others eat traditional Honduran holiday favorites like tamales (made with banana leaves instead of corn husks),
arroz con pollo
(chicken with rice), and sandwiches made with sliced chicken, ketchup, and mayonaise. Cake, candy, and fruit are popular treats.
Traditionally, a child will receive a new set of clothes for Christmas. If the parents cannot afford a whole set of clothes the child will often get a pair of shoes. Even in wealthier homes children generally receive fewer presents as gift giving is not as big a part of the celebration in Honduras.
Spanish Review
Feliz Navidad- Merry Christmas
Nacimiento- Nativity Scene
Arroz con Pollo- Chicken with Rice
Regalos- Gifts
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