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Storytelling in Photography

No description

Melanie Rapp

on 23 March 2017

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Transcript of Storytelling in Photography

Storytelling in Photography
Our Project
Students Will Create a Story About Events During The Week
Students Will Need 5 - 10 Photographs Taken Over 1 Week
Students Will Need to Take a MINIMUM of 5 Picture Per Day
Storytelling Photographers
Helen Levitt : 1913 - 2009
Storytelling Photographers
Storytelling Photographers

Working: New York City

Style: Street Photography

Method: Black & White/Color Film

Important Projects: "Children,"
"Chalk Drawings," "In the Street"

Robert Frank 1924
Born: Switzerland

Working: U.S.A. and Europe

Profession: Photographer/Film Director

Style: Phojournalistic

Method: Black and White Film

View: "The Americans"
Vivia Maier: 1926-2009
Born: Chicago

Working: Chicago & NYC

Profession: Nanny

Style: Street Photography

Method: Film Photography
Questions To Consider
Read Article:
Early Documentary Photography
By: Department of Photography @
Metropolitan Museum of Art
* How do the Pictorialist photographers of the early 20th c. relate to contemporary documentary photographers?
* Pictoralism ended because of World War II. Are there any current events these photographers would've captured if still working?
Read Article:
Fact & Fiction in Modern Photography
By: New York Times
Questions to Consider
* Do you Agree Photojournalism is Dead?
* Should Photojournalism capture the image, story, or emotion of a moment first?
Critique: How-To
1. Ask Questions
Ex: Why Did You Choose to Document This?
Ex: Who Are the People/Where Are You?
Ex: What Story Are You Trying to Tell?
2. Listen THEN Respond:
Let the Artist Finish Their Statement Before Asking Another Question, or Giving an Opinion
3. Give Opinion RESPECTFULLY
Do Not Talk Over One Another
If You Do Not Like Something, Be Constructive
If You Do Like Something Explain Why
5 to 10 photographs that tell a story

All images must use

Written Summary:
Explain in depth!

What story will you tell?
Will it be documentary? Photojournalistic?
Do YOU want to be in charge of the narrative, or do you want it open to interpretation?
How do photographers generate change with their ideas and stories? How can YOU generate change?
Born: New Jersey

Working: California

Profession: WPA Photographer

Style: Documentary

Method: Film Photography
Born: New York

Working: U.S.A. & Europe

Profession: Photojournalist

Style: Documentary

Method: Black & White Film
Born: France

Profession: Photographer

Dorothea Lange 1895 - 1965
Margaret Bourke White 1904 - 1971
Eugene Atget 1857 - 1927
Storytelling Photographers
Storytelling Photographers
Storytelling Photographers
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