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Conformity, Power & Influence

How Do Others Influence Us?

Ryo Iwai

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Conformity, Power & Influence

Working Effectively in Groups Introduction Conformity & Social Influence Groups are known for making bad decisions
Group’s intelligence = average IQ of members/no. of people in group
But why? Key terms!! Asch's Experiment Asch's Experiment Hypothesis: Conformity would not take place if there were objective perceptions When Do We Reject Social Norms? Factors that decrease chances of conformity: Group B: Anna, Asefa, Lauren, Omid, Ryo We Conform to Social Norms Social norms: Expected standards of conduct, which influence behavior Conformity: The altering of one's opinions or behaviors to match those of others or to match social How powerful are social norms? Participants: 1 real subject & 5 confederates Procedure: Each participant was asked to look at a reference line (left) & then say out loud which of three comparison lines matched it (right) Reference
Line Comparison
Lines There is a catch! 5 confederates deliberately provided wrong answer in 12 out of 18 trials Keep the group small
Be open to alternative ideas
Express your ideas
Treat dissenters respectfully
Consider the pros & cons of all options
Cultural/gender differences Asch's Experiment Results: When confederates gave false answers first, 74% of real participants conformed by giving wrong answer at least once Conclusion: People tend to conform to social norms, even when those norms are obviously wrong Tips: Group size
Lack of unanimity Why Do We Conform to Social Norms? Need to belong
Fear of social exclusion
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