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No description

Nathan Erickson

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Hephaestus


Hephaestus is not the most popular god around but he is very smart and is the best one in shop class! He would probably be like the best engineer because he is very smart and good with his hands, like in shop class, while everybody else is trying to make their little cars work he is making a helicopter work! While everybody else is making daggers he is made professionally done swords! But he gets bullied a lot because he cant run or do any sports with his leg injury.

• He was the God of Fire, Metal, Volcanoes, smiths, craftsmen, sculptors and artisans.
Hephaestus was known for being the ugly god, he was the only god to be physically ugly, he was also the only god to be lame, but he was known for making weapons, and armor for the gods! He had made Zeus his lightning bolt.
What was his family like?
His dad was Zeus and his mom was Hera and Aphrodite was his wife.
Interesting Story!
One time his father Zeus knocked him off of Mount Olympus because he took his mothers side in an argument. After he had fallen to earth he landed on an island named Lemnos, when he landed he permanently injured his leg. The people on the island nursed him back to health!
What did Hephaestus Do
He made all the weapons and armor for the Gods.

Hephaestus is pretty cool but he isn’t the best,
But even though he is lame doesn’t mean that he don’t have game,
He will always be beat but that is only because he don’t got two good feet,
With him on the loose people might think he has no use,
Put him to the test I bet he is the better than the rest,
It would be a shame he had ever got more fame,
Some people think he is a crazy goose, but he isn't that crazy when on the loose,
He is on the quest to become the very greatest he can be and overcome any test,
He has got that aim that nobody else could even think to tame,
Zeus and him have finally made a truce, because they have nothing to lose.

Yearbook Entry
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