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The future of mexico

Jeferson Sofoifa

on 12 November 2012

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Mexico should strongly support the full implementation of NAFTA without delay. PATHWAYS HELPED MEXICO When NAFTA Stared and who's in it ? Mexico joined the NAFTA in 1994 with Canada and the United States. What does NAFTA do? The NAFTA was a program that allowed the members to free trade with each other. In the 1980s Mexico went through a striking economic transformation and Mexico's leader opened their country's economy to the outside world. NAFTA prompted Mexico's manufacturers and farmers to focus on exports. In 1978,new discoveries of oil and gas raised Mexico's energy reserves nearly five times. Mexico experienced an economic boom and its economy grew at 8 percent a year from 1978 to 1981. Discoveries of new materials helped Mexico's economy. NAFTA helped Mexico's trade increase. Mexico succeeded on linking itself with the United stated and Canada to form the largest consumer market in the world. Over two-thirds of Mexico's export were permitted to enter tariff-free,and by 2009 all tariffs are scheduled to be lifted. Mexico should ensure that farmers are able to buy and sell land,improve efficiency,and find a market for their crops. Why is it important to help farmers ? Farmers should be helped because if they are not helped other will take advantage of them. Like Mayans who where invaded with out them know how to react and gave up their riches and their freedom. How farmers help the economy? Farmers help the economy grow and without the right tools the economy will decrease . The Government should help the farmers find a correct market for their crops ,So they don't get cheated by the other countries. Mexico should ensure that farmers improve efficiency. From 1990 to 1993,Mexico attracted more investment ($53billion)than any other developing. Pros of discussion Cons of discussion Pros of discussion Cons of discussion IF Mexico helped farmers their economy would boom if they helped with ensuring that farmers could be able to buy and sell land. If the farmers had more freedom they could fall in with the wrong program.If that happens Mexico's issues list would increase more. The NAFTA really helped Mexico's economy increase and has helped it become a more independent country. Mexico may upraise and become to power full and get to many ideas on getting to power full. Mexico and the Mexican identity were born from a violent collision of cultures.Mexico stared as a troubled country an with help it become a power full ally. Also Mexico is a good place to get sources and support for difficult times. As a result,Mexico was created with help and if it gets out of hand it can be destroyed the same way it was created. As a result of all the help
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