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Monomyth (World Heroes)

No description

Matthew Harris

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of Monomyth (World Heroes)

World Heroes

Dukt'ootl A Tlingit Hero
Hunahpu & Xbalanque- The Maya
-Rachel Billiet
Rama leaves Ayodhya to help the sage to defeat the demonic beings in the forest. He learns mantras to acquire sacred weapons to defeat his enemies.

He marries the beautiful Sita and brings her home with him to Ayodhya.

Rama is put in exile by his step mother, and banished to the forest with Sita and his brother. Sita is kidnapped by the evil Ravana.

Rama wages war on Ravana, wins, and rescues his Sita. The three return to Ayodhya where Rama takes his place on the throne, and they live in happiness and prosperity.
Ramayana - India
Call to Adventure
for Jason was when still a baby his half-uncle Pelias want to take the throne of Aeson,he killed all of Aeson's children, and overthrew Aeson he failed to kill Jason.
he was sent to the centaur Chiron, who nurtured him to adulthood.
Jason, a grown man, returned to Iolcus to attend some games held by Pelias he lost one of his sandals in the river.
Jason asked for the throne as rightful heir Pelias gives jason the task of retreiving the golden fleece.
Trails and Revalations
started In Colchis Jason asked King Aeetes to give him the Golden Fleece he also said, it was also the wish of the Goddess Hera.
Aeetes agreed and sent him to compelete the trials that he was sure Jason would fail. Aeetes asked Jason to plow the land by using two bulls .The King did not tell jason a army guards the land and would raise from the soil.
The Return
they facedAs they came to the island of Crete they encountered Talos.
Jason delivered the Golden Fleece to Pelias.
menwhile medea had plan to get the throne for jason she told pleius daughters if the chop him into piece and put him in the cauldron he would be younge again.
This procedure led only to a messy death, and the horrified people of Iolcus drove Jason and Medea away.
Jason The Greek Hero

Dukt'ootl was ostracized by his peers and considered to be a lazy coward.
His Uncle who was also the village Chief was killed by a sea lion.
At the memorial potlach stories were told about great heros.
Dukt'ootl realized he wanted to be one of those heros and avenge his Uncle's death.

The Tlingits believed that by bathing in the ocean they would gain strength.
Dukt'ootl begin to bathe in the ocean at night by himself so he could become stronger.
He wrestles a stranger by the name of "Strength" and upon beating him he knows that he is now strong enough to avenge the death of his Uncle.

He rips the sea lion in half with his bare hands.
The people of the village were now scared of Dukt'ootl.
He convinces them that he is no monster and they have a feast with all the sea lion meat.
Dukt'ootl will always be remembered as hero and a truly nice man because he never used his strength for evil but only for the good of the people.
Māui - New Zealand
- Māui's mother throws him into the ocean.
-Supernatural aid from personificatin of the sun Tama-nui-te-ra
-Accepted back into his family
-Snaring the sun
-Raising the North Island of New Zealand
-Returing the secret of fire
- Māui dies making all humans mortal

Jeannine Becker, Rachel Billiet, Skyler Fox, Mathew Harris, Sophie O'Connell, and
Keith Mako
The End

Thank You
Enkidu's death begins the separation stage of Gilgamesh's journey

During the initiation stage Gilgamesh journeys to Utanapishtim

Gilgamesh's arrival in Uruk marks the return stage
Call to adventure- Hunahpu and Xbalanque are called to Xibalba to face the Gods in a ball game.
Belly of the Whale- After surviving the trials on the way to the Gods, the brothers discover the Gods of Xibalba and must complete a series of trials before facing them.

Road of Trials- The brothers enter a number of Houses with different tasks. In the final House, the House of bats, Hunahpu loses his head and has it replaced with a turtle's head.
Ultimate Boon- Xbalanque replaces Hunahpu's head, being used as the ball in the game with the gods, with a pumpkin. The brothers proceed to win the game and vanquish One Death and Seven Death.

Master of Two Worlds- The brothers return home after winning the ball game, now having mastered the Supernatural and the natural world.
Freedom to Live- After putting their father to rest, the brothers are free to live as they wish, and rise to become the sun and the moon.

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