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RA Portfolio !

No description

Stephanie Marino

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of RA Portfolio !

RA Portfolio !!

Stephanie Marino

Age: 19

Sophomore Year

Major: Criminal Justice

Compass Point ***1000***
RA Portfolio !
Stepping Stones
Living in Compass Point I have learned that everyone in my community looks at me and all my fellow co-workers very highly. I have also noticed that residents are influenced by the attitude and positive performance an RA gives to their community. My views on the community have changed in regards to knowing what my residents look for in a housing environment and what they would like to experience in college.
In the process of constructing a program I have seen what it takes to put together a program that residents would actually enjoy. I think one of the major components of making a good program is communicating well with your group and working together! I have learned that many ideas put into one can make the program even better !! I enjoy how everyone in the group has their own part that they are in charge of. And I also really enjoyed taking advantage of my passion for arts and crafts in making banners and fliers !!
Bigger, Better, Stronger
My Experience
Coming in as a new RA in mid-fall semester has been a great change for me. Through my experience I have learned a variety of things about myself while being an RA and a student at Armstrong. As an RA I have learned that I can handle challenging situations in a strategical manner. Also, I have realized that as a student I can prioritize a lot more. Through this position I have grown to be more extroverted and have better communication skills. However, through this job I have not only become more disciplined in balancing school, my job and social life, but most importantly I have finally understood how important time management is !!!!!!
Action Plan (1)
Action Plan (3)
Action Plan (2)
Create and organize an RA notebook/folder to keep up with obligations

- Make a notebook with dividers that are labeled with different obligations / duties
- Every week write down in designated divider section deadlines, duty days, reminders for residents, office hours, any upcoming important dates & events
- Complete any assignments at least 4-6 days before its due
Next year I plan on using what I have learned and experienced this year to create a better housing experience by:

-- coming up with extra activities that my residents can attend to and would enjoy
-- Ask my residents what kind of programs they would like to see in housing
-- email my residents about things to communicate faster

I will have a closer interaction and relationship with my residents.

- Every other week I will visit my residents and be up-to-date on how they are doing: Ask them about school & ask what they would like to see in programs
- E-mail & inform my residents about programs and other activities on campus that they might enjoy
- Put together an activity that my residents would enjoy and be able to interact with me and their neighbors (ex. playing volleyball in sand court, host a movie night, video game tournament)
Bring more diverse ideas not just to housing programs but to other organizations on campus as well

- take a survey from my residents and see what they would like to see on campus
- get more involved with other organizations to put input
- talk to my residents and see what their interests are to build more open opportunities that they will enjoy on campus
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