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The Wingineers, Week 3

No description

Darin Gray

on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of The Wingineers, Week 3

improved coding ability
all team members
the majority of our bots were successful
Kuner individually timed his bot to be more complicated but in the end more effective and controlled
many members started with little coding experience and had to quickly become familiar with the programs
working to combine individual bots into a cohesive unit
group collaboration decreased significantly this week, led to apprehension of success and lack of sureness in our success
Division of Tasks
iRobot - Adrian
Scribbler - Nick
Redbot - Erica
Vex - Kuner
Vex IQ - Jenelle
What Went Wrong:
Vex, iRobots, Vex IQ, and Redbot worked generally successfully
Scribbler was unable to find and follow the iRobot- iRobot was too fast
Redbot partially worked; the coding was correct and fuctional, however the final motion forward caused the bot to overshoot and pass its designated black line; after finding the second black line the bot was able to complete its task
Principles and
Core Ideas
Electrical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Coding iRobots, Scribblers
Arduino (Redbot) Software
The Wingineers, Week 3: Robotics
Moving Forward
method of divide and conquer was necessary and effective
team members who ended sooner were able to help other members complete their bots
complete prezi sooner
continue to improve coding abilities
Kuner, Jenelle, Nick, Erica, Adrian
Each person is assigned a specific robot to engineer.

Vex IQ
Objective: to follow the scribber's line and bring the person water
1. Build the robot with a color sensor, bumper, and room to hold a water bottle.
2. With the ROBOTC program, program the robot to follow a black line using the color sensor.
3. Program the robot so that when the bumper hits the person, it stops and the person can take the water.

Objective: to search the room and find the person in an efficient manner
Objective: to follow the iRobot to create a line for the VEX IQ to follow
Build and code an Arduino Redbot to come into contact with an obstacle and then move around it while following the path of a black line
Compile the physical bot
Code for line following, an alarm, and obstacle evasion

Used C programming language to code the irobot
Used a bump sensor in order to help search the room
Used the cover and dock program to help it find home after searching
Able to carry and move slow enough for a scribbler to follow
Used S2 programming to code series
of actions based on sensor readings

Tried to use a sort of light-sonar method
by attaching lights to the robot and a
reflective surface to the iRobot.

Did not work, but it looked like a beast.
I continued with the base of the robot from
week 2, and built a robot that used linear motion to lift up a box of buttons.
For the claw, I used an even number of gears so that I could have arms going in opposite directions (essentially making a hand). The program required a lot of guess-and-check work.
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