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2015 Year in Review

No description

Young Ambassadors

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of 2015 Year in Review

White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics Initiative's (Initiative) 25th anniversary
2015 Washington Week
YAP recognized as Bright Spot
13 Summer Reading Days
From the Smithsonian Latino Center and the Young Ambassadors Program- Alumni Network
Fabian Castro Acuña
YAP Alumni Liaison
2015 Alumni Staff
Into 2015
What did the YAP- Alumni Network do in 2015?
Community News
We look forward to working with you in 2016!
YAP Ten-Year Anniversary
75 Young Ambassadors came to Washington, D.C. to celebrate #YAPturns10
4 Smithsonian Special Events
New York City, NY
San Marcos, TX
Miami, FL
New York City, NY
Atlanta, GA
San Antonio, TX
Washington, D.C.
Dallas, TX
NY Opening Reception:
Cerámica de los Ancestros
Central America's Past Revealed
One Life: Dolores Huerta
YAP Ten-Year Anniversary
Nancy Trujillo (YA'08) attended April 2015 Smithsonian National Latino Board meeting
Alana Zamora
YAP Social
Media Liaison
Liliana Ascencio
YAP Program Assistant Intern
Young Ambassadors reached over 280
children across the United States
Ways to get involved:
A Decade of Empowerment:

Mentor Days
2015 Washington Week Program Support Staff
Smithsonian Latino Center

Meet the Science Expert in Miami, FL and Houston, TX
2015 Hispanic Association
of Colleges & Universities in Miami Beach, FL
¡Ya Habla!
3 Webinars
Inauguration of YAP Alumni Network
The YAP-AN Advisory Group brainstorms and discusses alumni network offerings and activities and assists the YAP Alumni Liaison and
the Smithsonian Latino Center in the coordination of alumni network
activities in various regions across the country.
Apply to be a Staff/Mentor
at the 2016 Washington Week
Apply to be a part of the YAP Alumni Network Advisory Group
Attend the 2016 Post Collegiate Seminar in Washington, D.C.
Host a
Participate in an
Participate in online Distance Learning events
Attend the Latino Art Now! Conference in Chicago, Illinois (April 7-9)
Make a donation. To donate online, go to:
and write #YAPgiveback in the comments field in order to direct your funds to YAP--or--mail your personal checks to: Smithsonian Latino Center, P.O. Box 37012, MRC 512, Washington, DC 20013 (be sure to include #YAPgiveback in the check notes section)
A Look Back
and 6
Alumni Voices
Attended by Alumni
2015 Alumni Weekend
Advisory Group
Young Ambassadors Alumni Perspectives
Evening Celebration
in Hispanic Education
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