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Week 1 Lesson 1: Consolidating power: Peace, Bread and Land?

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Liam Brooks

on 28 March 2017

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Transcript of Week 1 Lesson 1: Consolidating power: Peace, Bread and Land?

What is 'sovnarkom'?
(Russian abbreviation, ‘Soviet People’s Commissioners’). The executive committee or
of the Soviet government. The Sovnarkom contained between 15 and 22 members.

sovnarkom = cabinet
Week 1 Lesson 1: Consolidating power: Peace, Bread and Land?

Consolidating power: Peace, Bread and Land?

To evaluate to what extent the new regime delivered on its pre-revolution promises regarding ‘peace, bread and land’.

Students will be able to identify
three key points for each of the three facets of the slogan ‘peace, land and bread’
and evaluate the relative successes and failures of the new regime.

Unit 3 AOS 2: Consequences of revolution
Unit 3 AOS 2: Consequences of revolution
Brief overview of AOS 2 (Oct 1917 - 1927).
The Russian Revolution from
October 1917 to 1927 (Early Sovnarkom decrees to the end of the NEP)

Key questions

How did the consequences of revolution shape the new order?
How did the new regime consolidate its power?
How did the revolution affect the experiences of those who lived through it?
To what extent was society changed and revolutionary ideas achieved?
Outcome 2

'On completion of this unit the student should be able to analyse the
consequences of revolution

and evaluate
extent of change
brought to society'.
Overview video of AOS 2

(***32:00 - 37:00)
Activity: Overview of 'peace, bread and land'
1. Working individually.

2. Read the text and answer the questions in a thorough manner (keep in mind:
'consequences of revolution'
'extent of change brought'

3. We have 35 minutes.

4. Discussion to follow.
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