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Prep1:1 iPad Program @ MLC - 2012

Parent Info Night

Corrie Barclay

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Prep1:1 iPad Program @ MLC - 2012

1:1 Prep iPad
Program @ MLC Welcome My Spiel Who's this bloke?
- Corrie Barclay (ICT Leading Teacher) 1:1 @ MLC
Our iPad Journey
The Device
The App's
iPreps / iBuddies
Our Blog
Q & A Our iPad
Journey In 2010 we were selected as one of 9 schools to be part of the DEECD iPads for Learning Trial
The basis of the trial was to see if that the iPad as a learning device was beneficial for teaching and learning
Schools involved will soon recieve the evaluation findings of the trail
From what we have witnessed, the iPad as a learning tool has been an outstanding addition to MLC
We witnessed excellent teaching and learning occuring in the Prep area in relation to our iBuddies and iPrep programs Our 1:1
iPad Blog Q & A The Device Since their release iPads have led the way in mobile technology and mobile learning
We are moving from traditional technology to revolutionary technology
Students have the ability to learn anywhere, anytime
Students move from unconnected to connected learners
Students also have the ability to collaborate, create and share their work with others instantly via social media
The iPad is a device that allows creativity to flourish, with over 150K applications to be downloaded and explored
The iPad is lightweight, portable, powerful, easy to use, but...
Most of all, student friendly and engaging... The App's Thank You iPreps Since the DEECD iPads for learning we've had the opportunity tp explore specific app's that we feel will best benefit the prep students
Through visitations to several other schools and online based research we've also found key app's to utilise
We recently finalised the 1:1 Prep iPad Program App List, which can be located on the blog
This list will be updated on a semester basis, as applications are released on a daily basis
Being school owned devices, we will manage the cost of all applications involved
A list of the app's can be found here: http://ipads4learning.global2.vic.edu.au/2012/01/31/2012-prep-ipad-app-listing/ http://ipads4learning.global2.vic.edu.au/
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