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KTTA Creating a Makerspace

Using littleBits technology to enhance a language arts unit

Dereck Dirom

on 7 June 2018

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Transcript of KTTA Creating a Makerspace

My Journey in STEM/STEAM/Maker
How does it relate to STEM/STEAM?
Open Source
Electronic Modules
Defining the Maker Movement
Engages the learner
Effective use of technology
Integration into core subjects
Creators v consumers of tech
Builds technical skills / confidence
Explicit career connections

Informal, networked, peer-led, and shared learning
by fun and self-fulfillment
to use technical skills / fabrication tools
Engages natural curiosity - more alive and relevant, integrated, cross curricular
learning / learning on demand
"Learning Fast"

to innovate
Kamloops/Thompson #73 ProD
April, 2018
Applied Design, Skills and Technologies - ADST
Integration of STEAM
STEAM Project: The Plan & Process
This is what it looked like
The Process
Abbotsford Middle School
- Demo lesson with one class

Aboriginal Education Dept
- Cohort of kids

Clayburn Middle School
- Grade 6 science class
Take existing curricular outcomes - Work SMARTER NOT HARDER!
Front end loaded the framework - "Design Process" and practiced
Showed the kids the littleBits kits / watched the introduction video
Introduced them to the story
Places them into engineering teams and assigned teams a part of the story
- each team member has coloured Post-it notes for brainstorming session
Engineering team worked on a solution - Iterative Design Process
Shared what they came up with to the whole group
Makerspace in the classroom
What will we cover today?
Goals For Our Workshop
What is trending in #bced
The Back Story
BC Education Plan - Curricular Transformation
Spirals of Inquiry, PBL - Buck Institute, Growth Mindset
RTI, differentiation, GAFE, smarter science
Individualized learning, learning commons
Core competencies 4C's for 21st Century
Aboriginal perspective
Connecting to careers / life skills
Big picture view of how the
Maker Movement
connects to BCEd - 4C's and ADST
Using a

to approach the curriculum
"Tinker time"
with a MakerEd resources
Growing a #MakerEdBC spirit in #bced
Legal Stuff:
Special thanks to the SD34 Curriculum and Ab Ed Departments for their help in developing the unit plan and the assessment process for the pilot project
2005 Make Magazine first published
2011 makerspace.com created
MakerEd created to support educators
How can we grow the
#MakerEdBC Spirit in #bced

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Design Thinking
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