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Copy of I Roller Coaster

Le montagne russe

Tejas Oza

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of I Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster Lab
Alyssa Springstead & Tejas Oza
In order to create our successful roller coaster, we started the track at a very high point. From there the marble would gain enough speed to complete the loop and go over the two humps. At first we had designed the roller coaster to go over the two humps before going through the loop, but we decided to change it to go through the loop first and then over the two humps because we thought the humps would make the marble lose momentum and it wouldn't be able to complete the loop if they were first. This change made for successful roller coaster. Starting at a high point, the marble traveled down a steep drop to gain speed. It then went through the loop and over the two humps to the end.
3 locations
The main goal of this experiment was to design and create a roller coaster for a marble within three class periods. We created a blueprint before the first day so we could start building immediately. The paper that we used for the track was provided. We brought in all necessary tools and objects for the base and pillars .
Relating to Real Life
Both a marble roller coaster and a real roller coaster need a proper structure and well designed supports. The design of the track must be carefully thought out and designed to support a certain weight. They must have secure bases and strong supports.
The marble/cart needs to have enough speed to successfully travel through loops and over humps.
Also comparing a real roller coaster to the marble roller coaster we built, each need to be safe such as making the marble stay on the track and not falling off as a person would in real if the roller coaster was not built properly.
Colored construction paper
Paper towel rolls
Duct tape
27 cm
32 cm
24 cm
37 cm
48.5 cm
(top loop)
58 cm
78 cm
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