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SC 3353 04.1: Anatomy of a News Release

Purpose, Audience & Format

BonnieAnn Cain-Wood

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of SC 3353 04.1: Anatomy of a News Release

News Releases Purpose
Must Haves Types Format convey newsworthy info
to your audience Traditionally: journalists & gatekeepers
Today: direct to audience Objective • Non promotional
Attributed • Newsworthy Ready to Publish
Hybrid Timely • Impact • Unique
Conflict • Proximity • Celebrity Hard News • Past Tense • Traditional Headline
Summary Lead • Inverted Pyramid Softer News • Headline May Be Lighter
Hook Lead • Story Format Distribution Mail & Fax
Distribution Service
Email Label Headline Dateline Body Interview Tips Start slowly & set a conversational tone
Set the agenda
Listen actively
Don’t ask yes/no questions
Frame your questions in terms of your audience Three reporters walk past a bar. Hey it could happen.
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