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No description

Zach Stones

on 1 April 2016

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Transcript of Burnout

Self Care
What Burns You Out?
Long Term
Short Term
Work Related
Aspects of Good Self Care
1. What works for you?
2. What will be effective in countering what's burning you out?
3. What will you actually do?
Making It Happen
Self Care is a critical part of your job
Find ways to hold yourself
Make it part of your routine
Wisdom From My Team
"You can't pour from an empty cup"
Don't negotiate self care away
Do self care regularly not only when you get burned out
Your families survived a long time without you, they can last a little longer
Monitor your own self talk
Families can get burned out on us
Parallel Process of Managing Burnout
Identify what burns you out
Examine Underlying Needs
Create plan to Extinguish/Prevent Burnout
Implement Plan
Make the Plan Ongoing and Permanent
Create a Plan
Self Care Example
"I need a vacation"
What does a vacation do for you in terms of self care?
Do you come back recharged and ready to work?
Does type of vacation matter?
When do you receive the most benefit from this self care?
Team Care
for Managers, Team Leaders, Etc.
Natural Supports
- Seek constant opportunity for your team to connect and support each other
Try to manage your team in line with the wrap values
Outcome Based
- keep team focused on the greater goal of helping our families and help them prioritize the minutia required to get there
Strength Based!
- focus on successes and how they happened rather than dwelling on problems
Does your team laugh together?
Teach loved ones how to care for you
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