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The Winning Hand: Stackable Credentials

No description

Justin Chin

on 14 December 2016

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Transcript of The Winning Hand: Stackable Credentials

Return on Investment--Your investment in time and tuition can 'pay-off' in a sustainable career

Short Term and Stackable--Students complete programs that can be flexible to their other commitments

"Earn While You Learn"--Students can utilize their certifications and earn a living-wage while advancing their career

Certifications for In-Demand Careers--Career Pathways Certificates are guided by regional and national sector strategies
Career Pathways Model
Without a pathway to a post-secondary certificate or degree, students face a difficulty entering the workforce. Most jobs, including high-demand jobs in health care, energy, and technology, now require a post-secondary certificate or degree
Conflicting Commitments
Cultural Stigma
Connectivity to Careers
Barriers to Completion
The Office Technology Skills certificate focuses on specific skills for entry-level office support jobs. It is ideal for students who need to update their office skills for employment as an office support person in today’s high-tech environment or for the person wanting to update technology skills for personal use.

Required Courses:

CIS 125 Intro to Software Applications
CIS 125D Introduction to Databases
CS 120 Digital Literacy
OA 104 Business Math
OA 110 Business English
OA 125 Formatting and Skillbuilding

11 Weeks

Careers and Pay Range:
Accounts Clerk $11.35-$16.67
File Clerk/HR Clerk $11.75-$16.90
New Accounts Representative $10.54-$18.69

Office Technology Skills Certificate
The courses required for the Office Specialist certificate can all be applied toward the two-year Associate of Applied Science Administrative Office Professional degree.

Required Courses:
OA 103 Speech Recognition
OA 202 MS Word for Business
OA 205 Desktop Publishing
OA 225 Applied Document Processing
OA 241 Records Management
CIS 135S Advanced Spreadsheets
OA 109 Job Success Skills
OA 116 Administrative Procedures
OA 203 Advanced Word Processing
OA 215 Communications in Business

22 Weeks

Careers and Pay Range:
Data Entry Clerk $12.05-$17.69
Office Specialist 1 $13.19-$17.96
Customer Service Representative $15.11-$18.09

Office Specialist
One-Year Certificate
Administrative Office Assistant: Associate of Applied Sciences
The Winning Hand: Stackable Credentials
Post-Secondary Training and Career Success
Market driven, industry validated—the Administrative Office Professional (AOP) degree program, which has been approved statewide, reflects the evolving responsibilities of secretaries, administrative assistants, and other support personnel.

Required Coursework:

BA 101 Introduction to Business
BA 111 Practical Accounting I
OA 205 Desktop Publishing
OA 251 Management for the Office Professional
MTH 095 Intermediate Algebra
BA 226 Business Law
OA 271 Advanced Business Projects
OA 280 CWE Office Professionals
WR 121 English Composition
BA 224 Human Resource Management
BA 228 Computerized Accounting
COMM 111 Public Speaking
OA 212 Event Planning & Management
OA 270 Prep for IAAP Certification
OA 280 CWE Office Professionals

Timeline: 33 Weeks

Careers and Pay Range:
Executive Support Specialist 2 $18.70-$26.31
Human Resources Assistant $17.92-$25.02
Human Service Specialist 3 $17.48-$25.20
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