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Dyed 'N Wool

No description

alice cappa

on 3 December 2016

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Transcript of Dyed 'N Wool

My "farmette" joins Tallahassee's "Farm Tour '16"

~ Alice
"Dyed 'N Wool" Fiber Arts Activities
​Visitors can see dyes processed,
visit the sheep, and see the fiber process
from raw wool to finished fabric.
The Dye Trail
circles the area highlighting​
many flowers, trees, berries,
or vegies that give a natural​ dye when steeped with fabric or yarn. ​
Some have sample yarns attached.​
People tour the farms to:​
* buy organic produce, meats,​
* see animals, ​
*learn about production ​
(bees & honey, goats & cheese), ​
*take part in workshops, ​
*ride a hay wagon, fish a farm pond,​
*or enjoy a farm-to-table dinner. ​

Tho I don’t do food, I join the tour to promote natural crafts and activities for kids, classes, field trips, and adult workshops.​

The Spin Tent
has bags of raw
fleeces and handspun
yarns. Pics of the
spring shearing
are posted.

Activities for ‘16:​
* Follow the dye trail​
*Seeing the fiber process from
raw wool fibers to finished fabric ​
√ Spin​
√ Weave​
√ Dye​
*Visit the sheep​
*BYO Tie-Dye T-shirt with
natural dyes on the fire
The Weave Deck
allowed visitors to
try their hand at 3
types of looms.

20+ farms took part this year.
I was #5.
To Dye T-shirts we set up an assembly line. "Dye stuff" is steeped on the fire and shirts are tied into patterns, dipped into the dye, then rinsed. We had 3 colors: dogfennel, blueberries, & walnut hulls.
People had their own pattern ideas : spirals, bullseyes, stripes. One tied his shirt to a stick for easier dipping.
And the final, most attention-demanding attraction (critters' POV):
"Meet the Sheep"
5 Shetlands of various sizes & ages are always ready for a handout. People have the option of buying a cup of grain, or feeding mimosa leaves, which my sheep think is "candy".
Shetlands are known for long, soft fibers
and come in various colors.
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