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Group Project_MGNT 101

DRAFT_T Rowe Price_11 10 13

Tonya Robinson

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Group Project_MGNT 101


Company History
Ownership Structure
Independent Company with Considerable Employee Ownership
Social Media Usage
Facebook- Used primarily to provide followers with information and resources to “pursue their goals”; however, they welcome “comments and lively discussion”.

Twitter- “Serves as the official T. Rowe Price hub for insights, investing information, market updates, expert opinions, and company updates”.

YouTube- “To host and display company visual content online, including promotional videos, associate interviews, and relevant company event highlights.”

LinkedIn- For making announcements regarding company services and careers available worldwide. Follow to learn more about T. Rowe Price and their professional opportunities.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy
Every Day Values
Put Customers First
Act With Integrity
Cultivate Intellectual Curiosity
Embrace Differences and Collaboration
Apply Disciplined Thinking and Process
Pursue Excellence With Passion and Humility
Financial Status
As of 10/24/2013, T. Rowe Price:
had a net revenue of $884.4 million
net income of $270.3 million
diluted earning per common share of $1.00
From the comparable 2012 period:
revenues are up from $106.9 million to $768.3 million
As of the 3rd quarter:
investment advisory revenues earned $541.3 million
mutual funds distributed increased 18% from the third quarter in 2012
mutual funds assets under management increased 19% from 2012
As of 09/30/2013, Mutual Fund Assets:
were $403.8 billion, increasing $24.3 billion since 06/30/2013
Mutual funds had a net cash outflow of $1 billion
T. Rowe Price remains debt free with ample liquidity
Marketing and Promotions
T. Rowe Price uses a mix of marketing elements to present information to its clients, as well as potential customers, to increase demand and differentiate its products and services.
The use of the company website is the main way T. Rowe Price promotes their products and services
Additional tools the firm uses are
Social Media
Annual Report
Special Events
Mission Statement
T. Rowe Price seeks to inspire confidence with thoughtful, disciplined decision-making by principled associates who are committed to helping clients achieve long-term growth.
Corporate Philosophy
Corporate Philosophy: Investment Approach
Approach to investment management is rooted in fundamentals and consistency
Through the experience of myriad bull and bear markets, the firm has adhered to a strict set of core beliefs that have stood the test of time
Our goal is to provide consistently competitive long-term performance and world-class service to our investors
Committed to managing our clients' assets in a disciplined manner
Will not compromise the integrity of our investment products or high standards of service.
Our strengths include:
Organizational Integrity, Focus, and Stability
Collaborative Effort
Disciplined Approach
Attention to Risk
A Leading, Long-Tenured Investment Team
Products and Services
T. Rowe Price offers products and services for Individuals, Financial Intermediaries, and Institutions
To assist Individuals :
Mutual Funds
401(k) Rollovers
College Savings Programs
Guidance to help meet investment and retirement goals
To assist Financial Intermediaries:
Product Information
Support - to help strength client relationships
To assist Institutions, DC Plan Sponsors and their Consultants:
Specialized investment strategies
Specialized investment services

Target-date retirement funds are introduced in 2003
New offices in Amsterdam and Sydney are established
In 2006, James Kennedy is elected President and CEO of T. Rowe Price
T. Rowe Price opens office in Toronto, Canada in 2007 to support the growing number of Canadian clients.
In 2008, firm opens office in Zurich
An institutional client services office is established in Dubai in 2010
In 2012, T. Rowe Prices and its over 5,000 associates in the US and abroad celebrate the firm's 75th anniversary
T. Rowe Price is a global investment management company, celebrating 75 years of helping clients around the world achieve their long-term investment goals.
T. Rowe Prices expands the international investment opportunities available to its US clients in1979, partnering with UK-based Robert Fleming Holdings Limited
In 1987, T. Rowe Price establishes a research office in Hong Kong. Offices in Buenos Aires and Singapore soon followed
To reach a wider audience, the firm partners with several high quality financial institutions in 1994
Website, troweprice.com is launched in 1996
In 1999, T. Rowe Price expands into Japan with the T. Rowe Fleming Asset Management
T. Rowe Price in 1999 was added to the S&P 500 Index
In 2000, T. Rowe Price acquires complete ownership of Rowe price-Fleming International
Thomas Rowe Price, Jr. establishes company in Baltimore, MD in 1937
In 1950, the first mutual fund was launched known as the T. Rowe Price Growth Stock Fund
The firm's first segregated institutional client account is introduced in 1951
Expands into the U.S. Small-Cap equity investments in the 1960's
In 1969, the New Era Fund, a mutual fud dedicated to investing in natural resources is launched.
George Collins is hired in 1971 to develop the fixed income management division. Mr. Collins would later become President and CEO in 1984
T. Rowe Price leads the way in defined contribution plan services by introducing the firm's first retirement accounts in the US in 1974
Organizational Integrity, Focus, and Stability

Talent and experience in every phase of operations.
• Seek to create long-term value by bringing our processes, talent, and culture together for the benefit of our clients.
• Approach is built on the fundamental principle of putting the customers' interests first in the way we invest their money and the way we conduct our

Collaborative Effort
• Collaborative process can bring the necessary insight and focus to ensure we respond appropriately to the markets' inevitable surprises.
• Teamwork pervades our entire organization
From a Management Committee that sets the firm's strategic direction and policy
To fund Advisory Committees that review each of our mutual funds' performance

More than 70 years of investment experience, Sound fundamentals, managing risk effectively, paying reasonable prices for securities, and staying true to style regardless of short-term fluctuations
• Investment Style* consistency- making sure that each fund invests in accordance with its prospectus, because for investors to achieve effective diversification, they must be confident that their funds remain true to their investment charters.
• Investment styles routinely cycle in and out of favor, and it can be tempting to chase the market's best performers-often just before they fall back to earth.

Keep a vigilant eye on values and will liquidate when valuations reach unsustainable levels
• Valuation is a judgment call made by managers who measure each company against its peers, and In relation to general market and economic conditions, and to the specific areas in which each fund invests
• Disciplined approach helps to recognize and avoid the kinds of short-term fads that have harmed investors.
Attention to Risk
• Risk-aware approach to investing has helped T. Rowe Price keep a collective eye on the long-term, pursuing opportunities when markets are trending down and sticking with sound fundamentals when they trend up.
• Portfolio managers try to avoid performance extremes and may give up potential gains when the downside risk appears excessive.
• Manage portfolio risk from a total return perspective by broadly diversifying the funds among sectors, industries, and securities; controlling the size of our positions; and focusing on valuation and the degree of financial strength companies have to weather difficult financial times.
• Diversification- corporate strategy to increase sales volume from new products and new markets.
A Leading, Long-Tenured Investment Team
• Our team of researchers is highly respected worldwide.
• Quality of our research effort provides a critical information edge that supports well-informed investment decisions
• On average, portfolio managers have nearly two decades of investment experience and have spent more than a decade at T. Rowe Price.
• Members of our senior management team have been with T. Rowe Price for more than two decades

Disciplined Approach
The Management Committee at T. Rowe Price are experts in their retrospective fields and highly experienced. The team averages 22 years of tenure at the firm.
An American Publicly owned investment firm
Top Five Holders of the Company
Vanguard Group, Inc.
State Street Corporation
JP Morgan Chase & Co
Fayex Sarofim & Co
Barclays Global Investors UK Holdings, Inc

Global Presence
Twelve Office Locations
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sydney, Australia
Toronto, Canada
Copenhagen, Denmark
Hong Kong
Tokyo, Japan
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Zurich, Switzerland
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
London, United Kingdom
Office Locations in US
San Francisco, California
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Tampa, Florida
Baltimore, Maryland
Owings Mills, Maryland
US Investor Centers
Baltimore, Maryland
Boca Raton, Florida
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Garden City, New York
Los Angeles, California
Northbrook, Illinois
Owings Mills, Maryland
Paramus, New Jersey
Tampa, Florida
Tyson's Corner, Virginia
Walnut Creek, California
Washington, DC
Wellesley, Massachusetts
" T. Rowe Price is living its core values through its core business and operations as well as its commitment to the communities where we live and work."
Renee Christoff,
Head of Corporate Social Responsibility
Upholding a Reputation for Honesty and Fair Dealing
T. Rowe Price expects all associates to conduct themselves according to the highest level of integrity and ethics
This is instilled in all business processes
Reinforced regularly through
hiring criteria
associate training
Code of Ethics and Conduct
Corporate Governance
Safeguarding stakeholders interests is very important
Ultimate responsibility lies with CEO, Management Committee and T. Rowe Price Board
T. Rowe's associates carry out the firms policies and strategies on a daily basis
All associates must maintain at all time's the firm's reputation for integrity and service
Implementing and monitoring the sound corporate governance policies helps he firm to uphold its standards of excellence
CSR Highlights
In the 1990's began:
sponsoring annual United Way Campaigns
Company-sponsored blood drive
Ad hoc associate volunteer programs such as March of Dimes
Increased T. Rowe Price Foundation grants from $437,000 to more than $2 million
In the 2000's:
formed the Community Involvement Program
launched the T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
dedicated the first T. Rowe Price Habitat for Humanity house
achieved the first United Way million-dollar giving level
expanded company-sponsored volunteer opportunities to include Junior Achievement, Big Brother's Big Sisters, and the Maryland Business Rountable
Core CSR Focus Area
Conducting Business Responsibly
Building Financial Capability in Communities
Empowering Our Associates
Ann Allston Boyce, President
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Questions for Ms. Boyce
1. Tell me a little about your background and how you made your way to T. Rowe Price?
I have worked in the nonprofit sector for over 35 years, working at the Program for Charitable Giving since March 2001. Prior to joining T. Rowe Price, I owned and presided over a Baltimore-based organizational and consulting firm called Boyce-Mansfield, Inc. I also was Deputy Director of administration for the Baltimore Museum of Art. I am a graduate of Hollins University and the University of Maryland earning a M.A in art history.
2. What is the difference between the T. Rowe price Program for Charitable Giving and the T. Rowe Price Foundation?
The Program for Charitable Giving is the national donor-advised fund while the Foundation is teh corporate giving vehicle.
Questions Cont'd
3. What areas has the Foundation focused on in the past few years as far as its grants and giving?
The Foundation is committed to making an impact in the pursuit of long-term success in the communities where T. Rowe price associates live and work. We have focused our grant giving in the areas of Education, Human Services and Arts & Culture.
4. How did the T. Rowe Price firm as a whole weather the economic storm the country faced in 2008?
The company faired very well. We are stronger than ever. The Foundation maintains a cash reserve. This allowed us to continue giving without having to cut any grants. Our giving is not based on the economy. A few or our grants increased during the downturn.
5. Social Impact Bonds are seen as the new way to invest and the new way to "do good and do it better". Has T. Rowe Price brought into this idea?
T. Rowe Price is not doing Social Impact Bonds. We take a very conservative approach to investing. SIB's are a new progressive way of investing that has not had enough statistical data backing whether this is a more effective way of giving and supporting the communities and programs we support.
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