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Sitton Energy Solutions GBC Presentation 2017

No description

Eugenia Jain

on 24 July 2017

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Transcript of Sitton Energy Solutions GBC Presentation 2017

Celebrating 10 years in July!
Helped Clients save
Reduced 369,000,000+ lbs
of CO2
History in the GBC
Regions and Markets

Sitton Energy Solutions

Gena Jain, Director of Business Development
Kathleen Beebe, Client Relations
Maximize your ROI and GBC Energy Score
Related Energy Programs
Benchmarking Jam
Benchmarking Portfolio
Best opportunity
Facility Type
Building automation
Energy Audits
Apprentice, Leader, Champion, and City
How Sitton can help with a Strategic Process
Results - All Client Types
# of Projects/Facilities 85/205
Total Square Footage 13,178,806
Annual Energy Savings $5,280,334
Incentives $5,090,862
Simple Payback (Years) 0.61
Average Annual Rate of Return 163%
Additional Value:
1. O&M*
2. Occupant Health/Comfort/Productivity*
3. Reduced CO2 Emissions
*each has been shown to be
equal in value to Energy Savings

Comprehensive Energy Strategy, Finding What Lies Beneath the Surface
Over 300 Possible Energy Points in the Challenge!!
Where to start...
Lead the way
Who's presenting?
Thank you!
Establish a 10% company approved energy reduction plan - Apprentice/Green Cities
Enrolling your company's building in the 25x20 benchmarking pledge - Leader
Pledge to reduce GHG emissions by 25% by 2020 - Champion
Visit us: sittoncg.com
Follow us:
Sitton is offering free assistance with:
Benchmarking, and
Advice on Comprehensive Energy Strategies to accomplish your GBC goals and company goals

Contact us to learn
Gena Jain - ejain@sittoncg.com
Kathleen Beebe - kbeebe@sittoncg.com
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