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Copy of Copy of Road to Improvement

No description

Pamela Singleton

on 21 October 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Road to Improvement

Recognize there are Problems
Pick where to focus effort
Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)
What did you learn?
Did it move you closer to true north?
What will you do next?
Adjust and/or
"True North"
Road to Improvement
Understand the Value Stream
Grasp the Current Condition
Fail Fast,
Fail Cheap
Fail, Fail, Fail!


Be willing to DO something about them
Develop a Charter
The AD (Sponsor) and
the Process Owner (Team Lead) work with the Lean Coach to establish True North
Target Conditions
More frequent data to measure progress as an Employer of Choice
Transparent and easier to administer process for team members
Better meet customer needs for survey administration
The Improvement Team
Workforce Research and Performance Team, Agency Survey Contacts and Lean Facilitators
Define the Problem, Target and Gap
Make it Visible
Improvement Kanban Board (Visual Board)
Not All Ideas are Viable
The "Compost Pile" collects the ideas that didn't move us closer to the target
Name the Threats or Obstacles
Idea Form - Action Plan
True North is the vision of the process in its optimal state
PICK Chart

Idea Generation
What did we expect to happen? What actually happened?

Testing Ideas
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