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No description

Karlsyn Madsen

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Athena

Most likely to become President!
Athena is most likely to become president because she is very very smart and good at battle strategy. Architecture is also one of her strengths. If she was president we would have really cool buildings, wouldn't be in debt, and we would win every war.
Athena's Strength
Goddess of wisdom
Daughter of Zeus
Patron of Athens
Could make a truce
Poseidon, Ares
Make your blood boil
Sided with the Greeks
On Trojan soil
With helmet and lance
Great golden staff
Poof! Changed Arachne
Had a good Laugh

Athena is the Goddess of wisdom,warfare, divine intelligence, architecture, and crafts. Her attributes were the olive tree, armor, the owl, the golden staff, the helmet and the lance. Her parents are Zeus and Metis. She is Zeus' favorite. Athena wasn't born the normal way. Instead of her mom having her, she came out of Zeus' forehead Athena's sibling are Apollo and Artemis, which are twins, and Ares. In the Trojan war, the great big wooden horse was her idea. She sided with the Greeks during the war.

By: Karlsyn M

The reason Poseidon and Athena hate each other is because they both wanted to claim a certain piece of land. The land was to small enough for them to both have some so they decided that whoever could give the greatest gift to the people that lived on the land would become the patron of that city. Poseidon gift was a stream of water that he made by striking the side of a cliff with his trident. The people of the loved their stream but soon found out that the stream was not clean water. The water was salty so they couldn't use it. Athena's gift was the olive tree. Her gift gave the people food, oil, and wood. Athena's gift was the best so she became the owner of this land and named it Athens. it is still called that today. In Athens there is Athena's greatest temple The Parthenon.
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