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The Dark Matter Programmer's Guide to the Open Source Galaxy

No description

Halil Karaca

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of The Dark Matter Programmer's Guide to the Open Source Galaxy

The Dark Matter Programmer's Guide to the
Open Source Galaxy

Halil Karaca
Scope of the Speech
Why you should contribute?
Software enthusiast who likes traveling.
Currently live in Bielsko-Biała & work for
4th stop in my journey.
Oh and I love open-source community.
The Dark Matter (Ciemna materia)
In astronomy and cosmology,
dark matter
is a currently undetermined type of matter that cannot be seen directly with telescopes. (wikipedia)
We are pretty sure it's there.
But we can't see the dark matter.

It never shows up...
Neither has a github account nor a blog.
Almost never reply an ongoing discussion online.
We can't see them in meetings either.
Dark Matter Developers
Dark Matter Developers != Bad Developers
They just don't contribute to the community.
They only consume.

Maybe they want to...
Why to contribute?
Why to Contribute?
Not to give back. It's a bit unfair!
CV or
Open Source
Many Ways to Contribute
It is not limited to app source code generation and distribution.
Give Localization Support.
Blog about your experience.
Write an article on about the problem you overcame recently.
Answer questions on
You can even manage the social accounts, wiki pages of the community.
How to find an open source project?
Your first commit.
Change the world, literally!
Build yourself an online presence to not to end up developing Line of Business Apps.
Meet amazing like minded people who are not boring.
Why Not? Develop your skills and keep yourself in shape.
Why Else?
get familiar
Currently live in Bielsko-Biała & work for
In love with the community.
Software Enthusiast who likes to travel.
4th stop in my journey.
my badges
A project that you already love and use.
Not familiar with the technology stack? Go and search another ne.
Specific for new contributors
Repos needing the most help.
Microsoft fan?
Getting Familiar
Contributor Guidelines, Documentation.
Get (clone) the repo & set up environment.
Architectural patterns, frameworks.
Debug to learn the codebase.
Unit Tests.
Pick bugs, issues, tasks
Raise an issue
Suggest a feature
Fork the Code, change it then do a "pull request"
Bug Report
Everything you know about the issue
Stacktrace, screenshot.
Suggest a Feature
Mockups, design.
Even better, implement it!
To make your life easier
Not good with the command line? Try SourceTree
Follow the coding guidelines, keep things tidy, write documentation & unit tests.
Welcome the new contributors
Your Contribution Can Change the World!
Free & Public DNS Servers Spoofed
twitter and YouTube is blocked in Turkey!
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