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Notice & Note & Close Reading

No description

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Notice & Note & Close Reading

Notice & Note - Close Reading
The first three Signposts... (taught in order of frequency)
Contrasts & Contradictions
The next three Signposts
Words of the Wiser
The Role of Talk
Conclusion & Tips
Close Reading...
what it is and isn't
It is...
attention to the text
close attention to relevant experience, thought, memory of reader
close attention to response & interpretations of other readers
close attention to the interaction of all these elements
It does honor the transaction that occurs between the reader and the text. We just need to make sure that we push past shallow connections.
It is NOT...
just giving students harder books
only paying attention to the text on the page
only paying attention to surface level connections
Rigor... Not Rigor Mortis
The Text & The Reader
"The words give us some information..but the meaning doesn't emerge until each reader brings his thinking to bear upon it."

"so what?"
"how does that help you better understand...?"
"show me where the text supports...."
"Rigor resides in the energy and attention given to the text, not in the text itself."
Students respond
Teacher asks a question that she already knows the answer to....
Teacher accepts or rejects given answer...hunts for acceptable response... and then starts all over again
Give & Take
Reshaping Opinions
Co-constructing Meaning
Aha Moment
Tough Questions
Contrasts & Contradictions
Character acts in a way that is surprising
"Why would the character act this way?"
"As I think about this question, I wonder if it might be..."
Aha Moment
Character realizes or finally understands something
Character development or a new direction of the plot
"How might this change things?
"Now that this character realizes this, I think that..."
Tough Questions
When a character pauses to ask himself or a friend some really tough questions, you are getting a glimpse of what's bothering him most and what he'll struggle with
"What does this question make me wonder about?"
"These questions she was asking herself make me think that..."
Again and Again
Memory Moment
Words of the Wiser
A wise character (who is often older than the main character) shares his understanding, insight, or advice on an issue
Insights usually reveal something important about the theme.
"What's the life lesson, and how might it affect the character?"
Again and Again
Repetition in a novel is almost always important...and you might now know what it means right away.
Insight into character, setting, or perhaps a symbol
"Why does this keep happening again and again?"
Memory Moment
Character pauses to think about a memory
That memory can tell me something about what's happening right now, insight into what bothers or motivates a character, or insight into theme.
"Why might this memory be important?"
Close reading - short sections, then full-speed ahead
Signposts AND Anchor Questions
Generalizable Language (think "teach a man how to fish")
Introduction lessons are not mini-lessons
Most signposts occur several times throughout a book except for "Words of the Wiser".... when you teacher this signpost, you may need to pull together examples from several different books
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