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Get Involved in PARO

This presentation is intended for IPSF PARO members as an introduction and guide to opportunities available in the region.

ipsf paro

on 2 January 2018

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Transcript of Get Involved in PARO

Get Involved in PARO
Visit the official PARO Social Media pages for more info!
Official Website
12th IPSF Pan American Regional Symposium (PARS)
Trujillo, Peru
July 16th-22nd, 2018
64th World Congress
Mendoza, Argentina
July 30th - August 8th 2018
This mandate, two major conferences will occur in the Pan American region:
What is
= International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation
Leading international advocacy organization for pharmacy students, pharmaceutical science students, and recent graduates worldwide

= Pan American Regional Office
Established in 2002 to unify the Americas
A "mini IPSF" representing students and recent graduates in the Americas
Leadership Opportunities:
Regional Working Group
Regional Working

is structured by elected pharmacy students from IPSF member organizations of each respective region. The PARO RWG is chaired by a:
Regional Media and Publications Officer (RMPO)
Regional Relations Officer (RRO)
Regional Projects Officer (RPO)
Chairperson of the Pan American Regional Symposium
Leadership Opportunities: Subcommittees
PARO Regional Officers are assisted by subcommittees, which accept new members each year:
Translations & Communications
Media & Publications
Public Health Sub-Coordinators (PH, PE, PD, Humanitarian)
Professional Programs
Leaders in Training (LIT)
is an interactive program that primarily aims to train pharmacy students who are interested in taking up leadership roles at local and international levels.
Coaching on International Relations (CIR)
targets students interested in working in diplomacy and international relations with a combination of hard and soft skills workshops.
Trainers Development Camp
allows members to become IPSF Trainers! Trainers conduct trainings at world congresses, regional symposia, and other Leaders in Training events.
Public Health Campaigns
PARO recognizes world health days like World Diabetes Day, and participates in public health campaigns like the International Vampire Cup.
Is your country not a member?
Contact PARO RRO at rro@paro.ipsf.org to join our global family!
As part of IPSF, PARO members also have the opportunity to advocate for their peers in international settings, such as the UN World Health Assembly and the UNESCO General Conference.
TDC in the Pan American Region will occur in February 2018!

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