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Course Intro Prezi Template

No description

Kat Becker

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Course Intro Prezi Template

The ESL courses take a very strict policy on attendance. If you miss 6 classes, you automatically fail.
Participation is also 10% of your grade. Every day, your participation grade is 3 points. If you miss a day, you earn a 0 for that day.
Moreover, Attendance is another 10% of your grade. Each time you miss a class, your attendance grade drops a letter.
If you are ill, you must bring a doctor's note.
In other words- COME TO CLASS!
Late Assignments
For major assignments, every day your essay is late, your grade drops 25%. Weekends count. A day is a day.
For daily assignments, no late work will be accepted.
For drafts, late work must be done before you can turn in the final assignment. However, you will still not get credit for the draft in your participation grade.
Course Policies
Office Hours
Late Assignments
Welcome to ESL 115!

Lateness is inconvenient to yourself and your classmates.
Each late is like half of an absence.
If getting to this class on time is difficult because of a class in a different building, please choose a different section of ESL 115. Over 5 are offered this semester.
In other words, BE ON TIME.
Please speak in English at all times.
No cell phones, ipads, or other electronic devices.
Actively make an effort to participate in group activities. I can distinguish between shyness and indifference.
Please no sleeping.
Plagiarism is a serious offense in academia
First offense (intentional OR unintentional) will result in a 50% grade drop.
Second offense automatic failure on the assignment and maybe more.
You will learn how to avoid unintentional plagiarism over the semester.
In other words: Don't plagiarize!
Course Content
Course Content
Goals of the Course
Course Content
4 Units:
1. Diagnostic Analysis Portfolio & Diagnostic Revision
2. Pre-Research
3. Annotated Bibliography
4. Research Paper
Goals of the Course
Office Hours
Office hours are your chance to meet with me individually. This semester, my office hours are 2:55-3:55 on Monday and Wednesday or by appointment. You may also schedule an appointment to meet with me at another time. PLEASE come! I am here to help.
The primary goal of this course is introducing you to the requirements for writing a research paper this includes:
Research in the West
Citation and Avoiding Plagiarism
Using Online Databases
Annotated Bibliography
Academic Register
Writing- Critical Thinking
Coherence and Unity
Audience and Purpose
Thesis Statement
Paragraph Development

I will only discuss grades in person and
over e-mail or phone.
There is no extra credit in this class.
Essays earning a C or below may be rewritten.
Talking to a teacher only about grades is considered

by some instructors.
Tips for Success
Always come to class and come on time
Read the comments on assignments
Utilize office hours or make an appointment. I love talking with students, especially when their concerns are about learning.
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