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Carla Baxter 2014

No description

Christopher Hatch

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Carla Baxter 2014

Carla Baxter 2014
Keys to win Florida
Mobilize the base:
Decreasing regulations and restrictions on small business to help generate jobs. Florida's unemployment rate is 17.0% or 35th in the nation. Small business will create jobs that help increase employment
"Florida’s natural resources are the foundation of our state’s economy" Republican Party of Florida Page. By pushing for accessing all of the states natural resources in a responsible manner, the base will be motivated to vote for Carla Baxter
Works Cited
Persuading the swing voters:
Establishing regulations on Big Business that enables small business to compete on a fair playing field or as the Democratic Party page puts it, "everyone plays by the same rules."
Pushing forth research into renewable energy by mandating that 15% of America's energy comes from renewable sources. This is an increase from the current 9.5%, and helps protect the environment.
Keys to win North Carolina
Mobilize the base:
Supporting all forms of energy. On the republican platform they stated that they support "energy independence"
Privatizing Health care. The winner of the recent Senate race, Thom Tillis, pushed forth a platform of revoking Obamacare
Persuading the Swing Voters:
Pushing forth research into alternative forms of energy
Providing an equal playing field in the business community
Gaining the Asian American vote by focusing on them during advertisement
Steps to win Pennsylvania
Mobilize the base:
Focus on providing economic fairness and opportunities to form small business. As the Pennsylvanian Republican party states, "Usher in an ownership era."
Empowering America to gain energy independence.
8 of the 13 districts currently have Republican state representatives; appeal to these districts
Persuade the Swing Votes:
Gain the Labor Caucus by pushing forth regulations on corrupt corporations to establish a fair workplace and economy
Provide a health care system that provides better care at lower prices because the labor caucus desires "Access to Affordable Quality Health Care."
Steps to win Virginia
Mobilize base by:
Continuing to stress the importance of small business by making it easier to get loans. Provide an equal playing field for small business.

Candidate Background
Steps to Win New Mexico
Steps to Win Nevada
Steps to Win Colorado
Works Cited
Steps to Win Ohio
TV Spot
TV Spot
Stump Speech
Mobilize Base
1. Expound value of small business and limited government involvement in private sector (NM voters recently rejected a proposed minimum-wage increase).
Persuade Swing Voters
1. Use Latino ancestry to motivate the Latino population of NM to vote for Baxter (40.1% of NM voters and 47% of the state's overall population are Latino.
2. Expound importance of searching for alternative energy.
Mobilize Base
1. Discuss importance of reducing national debt-show how platform would help reduce current financial crisis.
2. Half the state (49.7%) is in favor of removing taxes on minerals and mining; show how our reduction of government overreach is favorable.

Persuade Swing Voters
1. Discuss importance of healthcare and how Baxter's proposed system of healthcare will be beneficial for working-class Nevadans.
Mobilize Base
1. Expound value of small business and limited government involvement in private sector. Discuss how Baxter will support small businesses and seek to reduce the power of conglomerates.
Persuade Swing Voters
1. Healthcare reform should resonate with Colorado voters and turn swing voters upset with current administration.
2. Reducing regulations that would allow
tapping into Colorado's natural resources
and thus creating jobs.
Mobilize Base
1. Stay moderately Republican. The recent election found that Republicans won 11 of the 14 statewide elections, with a moderate Republican candidate winning the gubernatorial race by 31% of the vote.

Persuade Swing voters
1. State how the initiatives proposed through small business subsidies will reduce unemployment in the state.
2. Support existing green/renewable energy usage and research.

Moderate Republican
ethnicity : Half Latino, half Caucasian
Born in 1970 and Raised in Reno, Nevada
Grew up in a poor neighborhood, attended public schools in the Washoe County School District,
Valedictorian of her high school class of 1988
Attended Princeton University and graduated Summa com laude, class of 1992 with a major in Political Sciences and a minor in Economics. From there she achieved a masters degree in Applied Economics from Georgetown all paid for through the Army ROTC program
Served 6 years in the Army where she reached the rank of Captain
Married Mathew Baxter, a doctor who she met at Georgetown, at age 28 in 1996.
Elected for Nevada State Assembly in 2000
Elected as Nevada's second congressional district representative in 2002
Served as Chairperson of Energy and Commerce since 2010
Member of the Small Business committee for 6 years
Platform Plank 1
Energy Reforms
Pro-self sufficiency
Support for the expansion of domestic oil and natural gas until renewable resources progress, with tariffs on foreign oil
Incentives for companies that explore new and promising energy resources
Taxes levied on companies that pollute excessively that will be used towards alternative energy research
Platform Plank 2
Business Reform
Support of small business through simplifying of loans and reduced interest rates
Lowered regulations for small businesses, with tax incentives for businesses that choose to follow regulations
Tax breaks on promising start up companies, and increased taxes and regulations on large businesses within a high profit bracket
Give new life to the Anti-Trust act to break down monopolies and encourage small business growth
Support of Net Neutrality to help small business growth and prevent internet monopolies and online start-ups.
Platform Plank 3
Healthcare Reform
Repeal Obamacare and the individual mandate
Introduce "common sense" consumer protection such as a ban of lifetime limits, adopt a 5 to 1 ratio as opposed to a 3 to 1 ratio to lower premiums and require plans to offer dependent coverage for those up to the age of 26
Consumers will not be denied coverage if they maintained a healthcare plan for the past 18 months
Targeted tax credit on a sliding scale for employees of a small business of 100 employees or less
Introduce a capped allotment to provide states with funding
Give states more power to reform Medicaid for their individual needs
Keys to win Virginia
Mobilize the base:
Stimulate the economy by empowering small business to have a level playing field. The Virginia House GOP says that they want to create "new opportunities for small business and entrepreneurs."
Promote the harvesting of natural energy resources in the state.
Persuade swing voters:
Stimulating the economy. The Democratic House Caucus states that "small business are the backbone of [the] economy."
Like North Carolina, gain the Asian American vote by focusing on advertisements on Asian TV networks.
Gain the Hispanic vote because of Carla's heritage.
State Strategy
Projected win
North Dakota
South Dakota
South Carolina
Pretty Good
West Virginia
Battle Ground
New Mexico
North Carolina
Projected Loss
Washington D.C.
New Jersey
New York
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
Electoral College Map
Stump Speech
It is time for an American renaissance, time to return to a golden age of economic and social strength that comes from entrepreneurship and belief in the American dream. I believe in Americans and I believe that all our people should have the means to create a life for themselves through hard work and determination.
The Wall Street insiders and corporate magnates have ruled our country for too long, using their extensive lobbying to corrupt and control our legislation and bureaucracy. In this economic climate it is impossible for small businesses to meet success because of the power that large corporations to undercut and out-produce by using friendly government regulations to lower their costs of production dramatically. I say no more. No more shall CEOs exploit their workers by offering them little pay and no benefits, no more shall government be a slave to the interests of big business, and no more shall the entrepreneurial spirit be crushed by an unforgiving marketplace.
Hi, my name is __________. I plan to reduce the power of conglomerates by closing tax loopholes they notoriously exploit, raising corporate tax and necessitating health care coverage for all workers of a large business. I am also planning to make obtaining a small-buisness loan easier, reduce taxes on small businesses thus allowing a economic foothold in the marketplace for entrepreneurs.

I also plan to make this country self-sufficient on energy. No longer shall we rely on dictatorial regimes in unstable regions thousands of miles across the world for our energy. We shall use America’s natural resources rather than the Middle East’s, we shall use our own oil and our own natural gas and we will progress into the future by searching for alternative energy to sustain our nation. We will drive energy costs down for we shall no longer be at the mercy of OPEC and its economic policies, and the government shall ensure through subsidies that energy is affordable for all Americans.
Healthcare is paramount for our nation to to be effective and prosperous. I agree with standing policies on healthcare regarding the necessity that all people be covered but I plan on removing government from the marketplace in favor of more marketplace competition in the private sectors. I will ensure that companies take in individuals with pre-existing conditions and will use the power of capitalist competition to drive prices down. By allowing the marketplace to work out its own issues the companies will provide better coverage at a lower cost, and will keep our nation healthy and strong.

Wrap Up
Carla Baxter aims to put America in the hands of its own people: no more will energy be from foreign countries, but rather made from our very own resources. American small businesses will be the backbone of our economy, rather than large corporate franchises. And health care will finally be accessible to the people, and they will have their own choice in the matter.
Vote for American Ownership. Vote for Carla Baxter.
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