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Karlos Martinz

on 18 February 2013

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Kobe Japan 18 Departments
218 municipalities 122,492km2 377,835 km2 Tegucigalpa San Pedro Sula La Ceiba Tela Copan Comayagua Islas de la Bahía Although most Hondurans are nominally Roman Catholic.

Catholic Church, still the only "church" that is recognized.

Catholic Church is declining while membership in Protestant churches is increasing.

Practitioners of the Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, Bahá'í, and indigenous denominations religions exist. National Cathedral Virgen de Suyapa February the 3rd
Virgen de Suyapa
Celebration Day Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez was one of the strongest candidates to become Pope after the death of John Paul II. Honduras is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, Nicaragua, the Pacific Ocean, El Salvador and Guatemala The climate varies from tropical in the lowlands to cold in the mountains. The central and southern regions are relatively hotter and less humid than the northern coast. The highest mountain in Honduras is Celaque with a height of 2,849 mts (9,347ft) La Mosquitia, lies the UNESCO world-heritage site Platano RiverBiosphere Reserve.... Islas de la Bahia is the 2nd largest Coral reef in the world. Honduras Yojoa Lake Lancetilla is the 2nd
largest botanical
garden in the world M
N Honduras Population is about 8,000,000. Nature Wild life Honduras is the only one country in central america that has no volcanoes. We just have one beautiful lake. We have 7 indigenous groups that makes 10% and the 90% is mestizo Honduras Pottery... Honduras Capital... 2nd most important & Industrial City 3rd most important city and the place of an international carnival My beautiful Home town in front of the Atlantic Ocean Mayan City, a treasure for Hondurans 3 beautiful coral reef islands, main tourist atraction My Flag Blue represents the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans that borders my country White represent peace 5 stars represents the 5 original central american countries... at the moment of independence from Spain National emblem Guacamaya national Bird Pine national tree. Lempira National Heroe Deer national animal Morazan National Heroe Basilica de la virgen de Suyapa Carpets made of colored Sawdust
for a traditional celebration in Easter. Some exportation products My currency "Lempira" named to honor our national Heore Culture Tradition Heritage Mayans Numbers System Mayan Pyramid Hieroglyphic Mayan Pyramid Underground the mayan world Rosalila... in Copan Honduras Traditional Food, red beans, tortillas, egg, cheese, avocado, plantain Traditional soups Coconut and meat soup Chicken soup Sea food soup Red beans with meat soup Traditional Drinks Sugar cane juice Rum Guifity Rum Horchata (rice made) Coffee Favorite sport Soccer

also people likes Rodeos Marimba a traditional Intrument My mother Playing the marimba Traditional dress and dances Carnivals in Honduras Independence day parade (sept 15) Local traditions and festivals Honduras Presentation by
Juan Carlos Escobar telegnohn@yahoo.fr
International students Center
Kobe University, Kobe Japan Thank you Very Much
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