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Communicating with Parents EdChange Global

A presentation for new teachers to see what is involved in working effectively with parents.

Michael Sinclair

on 21 August 2018

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Transcript of Communicating with Parents EdChange Global

On Intelligence
Good Idea
Jason has been challenged by mental arithmetic in multiplication this term but has shown a lot of promise when elements of problem solving are present. He has worked well in a team and has offered a lot of suggestions as to ways his team could achieve success.
Bad Idea
Fiona has the same glacial beauty as an iceberg, but unlike the iceberg she has absolutely nothing below the surface.
It is a curious truth that that grasshoppers have their hearing organs in the sides of their abdomen. Your daughter Veronica, judging by what she's learnt this term, has no hearing organs at all.
Your son Maximilian is a total wash-out. I hope you have a family business you can push him into after school because he sure as heck won't get a job anywhere else.
On Listening
Bad Idea
Good Idea
Although she has improved in her sight vocabulary and comprehension, Leigh continues to face some difficulty with her reading. Continue to practise with her reading at home so that greater success can be experienced.
James has developed in his ability to focus during class talk but has room for further improvement. Practicing at home by listening to his day and telling him about yours would help him to develop further.
On the Future
Good Idea
Bad Idea
On Behaviour
Good Idea
Liam has faced a lot of challenges when working with others this year, but is starting to see the benefit of taking turns when playing games.
Bad Idea
Sandra would benefit from a trip to the zoo. It is here that she may be educated in the evolved manners of the primates.
Parents' Role
Being Proactive
Encouraging a Collaborative
How Often
Building a Relationship
Levels of Collaboration
Meetings with Parents
Generic and Specific
Room Layout
Body Language
Be Open
End on a Positive
Reporting to Parents
Communicating with Parents
To develop a relationship with parents and families.
To consider how to report effectively to parents at parents meetings.
How best to work with parents.

1 Dahl. Roald. Matilda. London: Puffin; 2001.

2 National Network for Collaboration. (n.d.). Training manual. Retrieved March 5, 2013, from http://www.uvm.edu/crs/nnco/cd/subfra.htm
Day to day interaction about children for whom there are no major concerns.
Good to work together to meet children's needs.
Work together to support children with learning and behavioural issues.
Parents with specific skills, where they could visit to share experiences.
Inviting parents to support learning during class time.
by Michael Sinclair


Coach (Ashley) Steele

Ms. Stormy Daniels

Vlatka Butkovic

Parents and I are a team, unified front their child's education! (Coach Steele)
sharing goals
meet with parents outside of school to get to know each other
Open lunches
When appropriate: before / after school,
during holidays
Send emails or phone call to compliment the student
To frame things well, in case of other home issues
To find things that are upsetting outside of the classroom
Record lessons
When being proactive is contrary to systems in place
to actively ensure that their child is studying and completing their homework daily
being involved and knowing what is going on in the classroom
Organise workshops for parents in my school where they got tips to overcome some of the typical obstacles
When you have time
Remind app
Not too much so that emails seem a burden to read
Often enough to keep informed
When success is achieved
When success is achieved
Hand written notes
Text messages
Often enough to build a team
SeeSaw digital journals
Daily through Seesaw or remind.com
By reporting time, there is already an open relationship
It would mean giving up some control
You might bring together parents who naturally disagree
At the car lane
To make a connection
To promote mutual respect
Daily through Seesaw or remind.com
To encourage volunteering
To further strengthen relationships between parents and children
Because it is what I would want as a parent
Readalouds that can be replayed in the Reading Center
Open lunches can bring families together for a healthy meal they may not otherwise be able to afford
Finding or creating more opportunities for parents to have a vital role could encourage children to place a higher value on education
Non-verbal cues are sooo important!
I set up my classroom with four chairs around a table for parent meetings and invite the parents to sit at any of the chairs
We get pics from holidays from abroad, or are texted in the middle of their conversation, when they get stuck
I once had a whatsapp message asking me to send an audio clip of me telling a child to get out of bed and get dressed because they weren't listening to their mum
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