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DNA Structure AISK gr. 10

No description

Saralyn Covent

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of DNA Structure AISK gr. 10

DNA Structure 1' 2' 3' 4' 5' 1' 2' 3' 4' 5' P P thymine adenine guanine cytosine adenine thymine 3' 5' pyrimidines purines DNA is a Code The code is only 4 'letters'
Those 4 'letters', with no spaces tell an organism everything it needs to know to survive
The code is read in groups of 3 and each group of three corresponds to an amino acid.
A chain of amino acids makes a protein.
The actions of your body depend on those proteins.
Can you think of examples of proteins that you know of and what they do? Bases Backbone Sugar
(ribose) covalent bond Hydrogen Bonds
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