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Science as a Noun

No description

Henry KM

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of Science as a Noun

Art vs science
Manipulating nature
New ideas
Comparing data
The Narrative
Spelling is important to science
I was so close
These are the things that make up Science,
without these, there would be no order,
no basis.
We would not know what science was,
or what it could be.
These are the do-ers
the namers
They are the ones who gather
and seek the knowledge
They write the science,
give it meaning and purpose.
This is what the catalog is build off of
history is the continuing story of whatever
is being written down.
What makes science possible.
The sole reason science works is
because nature has let it work.
The product of science
this is the meat of the process
this is what will be applied to
further scientific research.
This what was learned from science,
This is not applied
but sets the stage for further research.
What makes science recordable
Science without consistency
and predictability is useless.
This is how the knowledge is stored
it is written down in an organized fashion
because without organization
the science cannot be applied.
Science and Art have a lot in common,
without the concrete ideas of science,
art becomes a smear of unpredictability,
and without the beauty of art,
science has nothing to benefit.
The ongoing cycle of discovery,
research, and application of science.
Taking what we learned
and making something new
or making something better.
This is the major end game.
If we can manipulate Nature
then there are limitless possibilities
and applications.
These are the do-ers
the namers
They write the science,
give it meaning and purpose.
When the new information
is taken and applied to existing
Science is powered by discovery,
when new information is found,
and this information pushes
science to progress.
Sometimes science does not
succeed in accomplishing
the task at hand,
but these failures have
lessons to teach.
Some ideas are good,
some are dead ends,
but it is the idea that makes
science worth progressing.
Taking the research
and comparing the effects
of different applications.
This is the process of science
everything we discover, compare,
and apply is science.
Finally, this is the narrative. The narrative
is how we do science, what the science does,
and what the science is. This narrative is the
relationship between everything, with science
as its vessel.
What is Science?
By Henry Kuehr-McLaren
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