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Ying-Yang of Innovation Management & Business Transformation

No description

Fadi Hindi

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Ying-Yang of Innovation Management & Business Transformation

Business Transformation
Innovation Management & Business Transformation
Managing the balance between the two to
Fadi Hindi
Founder of the Strategy & Enterprise Architecture Society
...aren't they the same thing?
Is there a problem!
They are usually opposing forces...
Do your Job...
What they are really saying....
Help us figure out how to do ours...
What to expect...
This presentation IS NOT about...
The importance of Business Transformation
The Need to Innovate...
Tools and techniques for either of the two
Technology trends and latest
in Cloud, Mobile, etc.
This presentation IS about...
The challenges you face with running both
What blocks your innovation efforts
An innovation index measure to tell if you are ready for innovation
Business Transformation
Business Transformation
TED - Simon Sinek:
How great leaders inspire action
What is your "Innovation Index"?
Parting thoughts...
Redefines the operating model constantly
Challenges the Status Quo and questions SOPs
Leverages tools and techniques that disrupt
current management techniques
Aims to achieve maximum efficincies
Incremental improvements of current capabilities
Leverages well established management
disciplines such as Six-sigma & Business
Process Re-Engineering methods
Lack of "true" Executive Sponsorship

Lack of budget, resources, & Headcount

No Senior Managers assigned to Innovation teams

Lack of Strategy and Innovation alignment

One-time and bootstrap efforts
It's about the Pink ELEPHANT in your
Innovation Room...
Do you see

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