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Communication guideline

No description

Nisha Poyarekar

on 8 October 2016

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Transcript of Communication guideline

Reacting to rudeness
The "Open Source" etiquette
Being part of the community
- Open source software benefits from the community
- Diverse and highly motivated individuals
- Amplify the network effect
- Foster co-creation
- Help at fingertips, ask how?
Roles in open source
Links to ponder about
Contributing to an open source project may seem intimidating at first. But dont worry, everyone starts out as a noob. Useful skills and effort will make your progress easy. Here are few tips to help you on your journey
Before and when you ask
Give back
Guidelines for communication
- Try to find the answer by searching on the web, available documentation
- Never assume you are entitled to an answer, be willing to help develop the solution
- When you ask, refer to the guidelines described ahead
- Twitter, Reddit (Announcements)
- Forums, Mailing lists
- Email
- IRC, Messengers, Voice/Video chat
- Wiki
Thank you
- Do NOT use SMS lingo, no CAPS, strictly use spell check
- Meaningful subject, use tags
- Avoid top-posting
- No attachments to mailing lists
- Be precise and informative about your problem
- Use plain text, standard formats
- Avoid flagging "Urgent"
- Keep calm
- Be very, very sure of your ground before getting into any flamewar
- Communicate what you are working on
- Acknowledge resources you use, provide feedback to creators
- Reciprocate by providing support to communities
Always remember, COMMUNITY is bigger than code :)
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