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Afhanistan - Kama District

No description

Eugenie Pauwels

on 20 August 2016

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Transcript of Afhanistan - Kama District

Fields of Activity: Ongoing projects
Afhanistan - Kama District
Darman health projects completed
Development & Relief of Medical for Afghan Nation
Mission of DARMAN
1 Comprehensive Health Center
Waresa-e-Faqeer primary school
Drug Demand Reduction & Rehabilitation Center with General Medical Clinic
Darman educational projects completed
HIV/AIDS Awareness and Training Project
Darman health projects planned
Eye Hospital in Kabul
Mother and Child Health Care
Re-establishing Drug Demand
Reduction & Rehabilitation Center
HIV/AIDS Awareness Project in Kabul
Others Darman completed projects
Winter Relief Distribution Program in Kabul
Others Darman planned projects
Relief Distribution Programs in Kabul
and Jalalabad
Adult Female's Literacy Program
Jamali Male & Female Primary
Educational Development
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