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Why is IoT Security important?

An overview of the importance of security within IoT, what is being done to secure the IoT, and what still needs to be done to prevent cyber attacks. https://iotsecurityevent.com/

Taylor McCord

on 8 July 2016

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Transcript of Why is IoT Security important?

Why is IoT Security important?
More connected devices = more vulnerabilities to be leveraged by hackers
70% of IoT devices are open to attack
More than 25% of attacks in enterprises will involve IoT by 2020
Global IoT Security spend will reach $840 million by 2020

Is the IoT Secure?
Not yet!
What is security in an interconnected world?
What are we doing to secure the IoT?
Security firms and manufacturers are partnering to secure the IoT ecosystem
New security alliances are forming to raise awareness and promote cross-company collaboration
Research is being conducted to enhance security through device and smartphone linking
Platforms are being set up to enable large networks of IoT devices to identify and authenticate each other
Want to learn more?
Check out the
IoT Security Summit
coming up
October 17-19
in Boston!

What are security experts saying?
Case Study: Moving Towards a Safer, Smarter, and More Secure Connected Home
Establishing Trust and Security to Unlock the Full Potential of IoT
Kumar Srivastava
BNY Mellon
Dr. Robert Griffin
Department of Homeland Security
72% of security professionals believe lack of security is IoT's biggest challenge
75% of apps fail basic security checks
In a recent survey of security specialists, half the respondents felt less than 10% of IoT devices are secure

>> Blockchain Focus Day
>> 2 Tracks of Content: Strategic & Technical
>> Networking Opportunities
>> Learning Labs
>> Expo Floor with Startup City
What still needs to be done?
Secure gateways connecting networks as well as the IoT devices themselves
Increase security of IoT-related data to ensure privacy of consumers and businesses
Implement proper safeguards for installing security updates on IoT devices

But it doesn't stop there...
But much more needs to be done!
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