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Western & Leisure Presentation

No description

Lissa Hines

on 22 May 2017

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Transcript of Western & Leisure Presentation

The Reining Horse


The Western Show Horse

All Around


Governing Organizations &
Premier Events

12 approved patterns


Western Pattern Classes

Quarter Horse
– AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association)

Color Breeds
Paint Horse
– APHA (American Paint Horse Association))
– PHBA (Palomino Horse Breeders of America)
– ApHC (Appaloosa Horse Club)

Common Breeds of Horse

SmartPak’s newest target market

Trail/ Leisure Riding

Horse/rider competing in multi-disciplined events
(e.g. Horsemanship, Showmanship, Trail, etc.)

All Around

Familiarity with the Western world
Understanding the target market
Creating a resource of knowledge
Improving communication w/ customers


AQHA World Championship Shows

Total Number Average Entries
Entries of Shows Per Show

All American Quarter Horse Congress 8,273
Columbus, Ohio

Arizona Sun Country Circuit

Scottsdale, AZ

Oklahoma QHA Redbud Spectacular 13,928
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Western pleasure

Halter & Performance Halter

Western Classes

(American Quarter Horse Association)
AQHA Affiliates
All American Quarter Horse Congress
(Ohio QH Assoc.)
(National Reining Horse Association)
NRHA Affiliates
(National Snaffle Bit Association)

Arizona Sun Circuit
(National Reining Breeders Classic)

Key Partners

2,437,642 Registered Quarter Horses Worldwide

253,579 AQHA members
Texas- 36,650
California- 14,930
Oklahoma- 11,594

Members in 86 countries

2,834 Total AQHA shows
(2,44 in the U.S.)

953,279 Total Show Entries

Additional Western Riding Styles

Ranch/Cow horse events
Working Cow Horse
Ranch Riding

Riding Style Focus

Competitive All Around


Barrel Racing


SmartPak Western

Official Supplement Feeding System of AQHA & NRHA

Association Partnerships

The Western World

Western Discipline Training

*Information taken from 2016 AQHA Executive Summary
Barrel Racing
Barrel Racing is a speed event in which a horse and rider attempt to complete a clover-leaf pattern around preset barrels in the fastest time. Fastest time WINS!
Team SmartPak Reiners

Tom McCutcheon


Matt Mills
Team SmartPak All Around Riders
Jim & Deanna Searles
(Circle S Ranch)
Charlie Cole & Jason Martin
(HighPoint Perf. Horses)
HA Members Save
on All Purchases!
Western Patten Class
Western Riding
Western Pattern Classes
Western Pattern Classes
Customer Demographic
Leisure Linda/Clinic Carol

Horses are kept at home

No full time trainer

Tendency to live a rural western lifestyle

Higher propensity to own multiple horses

Higher propensity to follow "natural horsemanship trainers"
Types of Horses
All types of horses but lots of Quarter Horses and Paints

Some Gaited Horses

Arabs in Endurance
Tack and Equipment
Functional, less tooling and bling

Brownband headstalls, easy boots, breast collars, saddle bags

Safety equipment such as protective vests are used by many
Popular Brands
Competitions and Events
(American Competitive Trail Horse Association)

AQHA Trail Challenge


Simple FUN!!!
Divisional Format (4D)
(Women's Professional Rodeo)
Rodeos and Jackpots
(Better Barrel Races)
Tack and Equipment
Tie Down
Single Reins (often with Knots)
Gag bits
Splint Boots
Western saddle with more forward strung stirrups
Typically more colorful w/ prints
Not afraid to rock the bling
Jeans & western boots
Western hat (felt or straw)
Hats often have stampede strap
Popular Brands
Flair Nasal Strips
Comfortable and Functional with a little
Western Lifestyle Fashion
Jeans/Riding Tights
Sturdy Boots
Sometimes Half Chaps/Helmets
Those whose riding time is focused primarily on outdoor trails, navigating natural obstacles with the primary goal of having fun with their horse.
What questions can we answer?
An event designed to show the athletic ability of a ranch type horse within the confines of a show arena.
Required maneuvers in a reining pattern
Small slow circles
Large fast circles
Flying lead changes
Roll backs over the hocks
360 degree spins done in place
The ever popular sliding stops
Team SmartPak Leisure/Trail/Clinicians
Team SmartPak Rider Michele McLeod
“The Method is based on mutual respect and understanding and gives horse owners the knowledge needed to become skilled horsemen and train their horses to be consistent and willing partners. Clinton instructs horsemanship clinics, presents Walkabout Tours across the country, produces award-wining television show, hosts an internet TV website and is constantly creating comprehensive study kits and training tools to make learning horsemanship as accessible and easy as possible. “
The Method
Safety, Gaining Respect and Confidence

Accessibility to training information not found elsewhere
Minimal commitment

Breaking Colts
Why do people use the "Method"?

438 NEW SmartPaks started

230 NEW Customers
Lifetime Value of $254,610*

4540 Raffle Slips collected
75% not current customers
60% ride in Western tack

Franklin, TN
Lufkin, TX
St. Paul, MN
Albany, NY
Las Vegas, NV
Topeka, KS
Columbus, OH
Nampa, ID
Williamston, NC

2014 Walkabout Tour Stops
2015 Walkabout Tour
Ogden, UT
Scottsdale, AZ
Perry, GA
Du Quoin, IL
Lexington, VA
Oklahoma City, OK
Stephenville, TX *
Key learnings from listening sessions at Clinton's ranch and at a tour stops in Lufkin TX, Ogden UT,
Customer Listening Sessions
Why do they use the Method?
"#1 Goal is to have a
sound horse
that is
fun to ride
"Having a
well turned out
horse that is in

and ready to do whatever, whenever"
Why do they use the Method?
Who are they?
95+% Identify themselves as Leisure/Pleasure riders

85% ride primarily in Western Tack

Varied levels of income

Most are re-riders or new to riding
Who are they?
High Propensity to own more than one horse (2-5)

Typically primary caregivers

Most keep their horses on their properties

All consider their horse's part of the family
Most don't compete in the traditional sense
of the definition.

They are active in Competitive Trail organizations "competing" in Trail Rides/Challenges

Do it for the fun/sport of it and not for the ribbons
Ulcers/Digestive Health



Senior Horse Care

Vet availability
What keeps them up at night?
Finding quality hay

Time to ride

Safe places to ride

Proximity to tack/feed stores

Climate/Weather related issues

Challenges they face as horse owners
Horse Health Information Sources
Clinton Anderson


Texas A&M- both their online resources and their facility


Feed stores
What other benefits do we see from our partnership with Downunder Horsemanship?
Downunder Horsemanship Mailing List
Access to 200,000 names

Our 2nd largest list provided by a sponsor
(only trumped by AQHA)

SmartPak Commercial during Downunder Horsemanship on RFD-TV
156 commercials per year
Highest rated show on RFD-TV

Commercial also included in episodes aired on Downunder Horsemanship TV

RFD-TV Viewership = 325,000
DUH.TV Viewership = 144,000

Use Clinton's endorsement in commercials
RFD-TV Commercials
How can YOU help make this partnership successful?
"Our horses talk to us every day, whether or not you hear them depends on how closely you're listening."
- Clinton Anderson
Ranch Horse Classes
How can we serve the All Around customer with TES?!
Closed Front
Open Front
- Shorter Drop
- Broader Chest
- Broader hindend
- Cut Back Withers
Western Tack Room
Not just one of anything
Full transcript