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2017 Pavement Edge Light Safety System

Airport taxiway lighting improvement

Scott Stauffer

on 3 October 2017

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Transcript of 2017 Pavement Edge Light Safety System

For over 60 years, boundary edge illumination has been limited to a single point of illumination. The Pavement Edge Light Safety System provides a much needed improvement to the traditional “nodes of light” by adding an illuminated horizontal linear bar that is aligned with the pavement edge.
Pavement Edge Light Safety System
Visual Enhancement to Airfield Lighting
The National Transportation Safety Board identifies situational awareness as a contributor to runway incursions; The National Business Aviation Association reiterates and adds illumination and visual obstructions as human factors, estimating $100 Million/year in damages.
Individual points of light can become confusing at night, in reduced visibility or when approaching the lights from an angle out of alignment with the runway or taxiway. They may appear as a “sea” of random lights, inadequate visual cues for pilots to easily navigate around the airport.
The addition of a linear light bar to existing taxiway light fixtures provides information related to both the location and the orientation of the pavement edge.
Runway and taxiway incursions and excursions would be reduced by improving the ability of pilots to quickly recognize safe runway exit locations and intersections.

Linear lighting segments provide visual cues related to both the location and the orientation of the boundary or pavement edge.
We recognize the actual boundary edge using this additional visual cue.
Luminaerospace, LLC
Members of Luminaerospace, LLC are comprised of experienced professionals who recognize the need for improved boundary recognition.
The company was founded in 2010 as an intellectual property holding company for the patents related to elevated linear lighting segments.
During a long term demonstration in all weather conditions, the enhanced design was favored over single blue lights at the edge of taxiways.
Enhanced vision systems have difficulty recognizing LED lights due to their low energy use and reduced heat signature
Pilots intuitively recognize the actual pavement edges at night or in inclement weather and have improved situational awareness in good weather.
USA - Grant, June, 2013, US8454189B2
Europe - Grant, March, 2015, EP2606483B1
China - Grant, April 2016, CN103262140 (B)
Brazil - Patent Pending
USA - Grant, November, 2015, US9193482B2
Patent Status
The need for an improved boundary edge light is recognized by pilots, airport personnel and passengers. The enhancement of this Pavement Edge Light Safety System has been embraced by many in the aviation community.
It is the mission of Luminaerospace, LLC to license this technology to existing airport lighting manufacturers. Intertek has recently confirmed that this fixture would comply with the current Advisory Circular and Engineering Bulletin.
Luminaerospace partners quickly addressed this concern; low power IR emitters may be added as shown using an IR camera...
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