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The Impact Reading Has on an Individual

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Sohina Pelia

on 13 June 2016

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Transcript of The Impact Reading Has on an Individual

Library Science 12 Project
When one reads with focus, researchers say that the reader's brain regions are shifted because the reader tries to place him/herself within the story
Also, as you read your brain tries to visualize what it is that is occurring within the story
The more you read the more you think before saying or doing something.
Reading causes a certain part of the brain to be more activated in everyday life
Researchers are studying a new field called Literary Neuroscience
This new field studies things such as how the rhythm of poetry activates sensory regions of the brain
How reading difficulties affect one's behavior
Having the inability to read causes an individual to have an increased risk for depressed mood and dysthymia ( mild depression)
Also, people who have reading problems also have more anxiety problems and show suicidal behavior
Children below the age of twelve who have this problem also have emotional problems, low self-esteem and problems in peer relationships.
Children often show signs of disruptive behavior
Also, children are more likely to have poor self control, communication problems, be easily distracted and less likely to be more determined to get tasks done.
Overall, not being able to read impacts an individual greatly mentally regardless of their age
The effect of reading on one's Intelligence
Reading increases one's vocabulary because it makes one look at and learn new words which causes one to be more intelligent
"People who read find it easier to make decisions, plan and prioritize" (Michael Grothaus, an author for Fast Company, a magazine company)
It also helps prioritize one's goals and be certain as to what it is one desires in life because some novels have a very strong lesson and the readers become inspired upon reading it
It also helps one stay intelligent even as one ages and also gain more general knowledge and have a higher IQ
In fact, it also improves one's writing skills, because a reader is able to take the vocabulary, style that he/she learned via reading and incorporate it into their writing.
Reading reduces stress by causing the mind to be distracted and easily relaxed
The type of emotion one feels varies while depending on the book one is reading. For ex. reading a mystery book, would give one anxiety and feelings of suspense
Reading increases vocab, by increasing vocab, it influences emotions because the more vocabulary one knows, the more confident one is when having a conversation with another individual
University of Toronto students were researching how reading fiction novels changes a person's personality.
After researching and conducting various tests and surveys, they found out that reading literature allows an individual to have more empathy.
This is because empathy is related to experience and the more you are able to be open to other experiences, such as the ones written in fiction books, the more empathy one is able to gain.
Fun Facts!!
There's a book named
The Book of Human Emotions
which talks about how reading plays an important role in our emotions and everyday life
Reading is actually an indirect way of communicating
Reading about yawning makes you yawn
The term “bookworm” comes from tiny insects who feed on the binding of books.
Women buy 68% of the books that are sold while men buy the other 32%
A bibliokleptomaniac is someone who steals books
The Effects Reading Has on an Individual
Different Emotions Experienced When Reading
By: Sohina Pelia
Thank you for watching!

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