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The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan

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Rachel Jasso

on 5 February 2018

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Transcript of The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan

When Communist rebels threatened Greece and Stalin pressured Turkey, Truman decided to offer these countries military aid. He felt it was important not to make the same mistake as the appeasers in Munich who failed to stand up to Hitler in 1938. Congress agreed with Truman and decided that the doctrine (an excerpt is below) was essential to keeping Soviet influence from spreading. Between 1947 & 1950, the U.S. sent $400 million in aid to reduce the danger of communist takeover in Greece and Turkey.
The Truman Doctrine
After WWII, much of Europe faced famine. Farm production had been destroyed by war, & cities were reduced to rubble. Truman believed that desperate, miserable people might be attracted to Communism. Secretary of State, George C. Marshall, proposed that massive aid be given to countries of war-torn Europe to rebuild their economies. Marshall believed this aid would create strong European allies and trading partners for the U.S. It would also avoid the chaos that followed WWI. The plan included aid to the former Axis countries of Germany and Italy. How was this different from the ending of WWI? The Marshall Plan was extremely successful. It greatly benefited both the American and European economies.
The Marshall Plan
Who are the "Reds"?
George C. Marshall
The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan
President Truman
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